It is well known truth adsense is #1 top ad network for publishers with good cpm and impression rates for mile but not everyone able to get adsense approval due to many reasons like adsense try to approve blogs or websites which are at least 6 month to 1 year old with consistent quality content but it is not always necessary if you post quality content you may get approval from adsense in week which is possible but for new publishers unable to publish quality content in begginings due to lack of experience in this field due to that adsense will reject the requests until they found what they insisting from blog to give approval.

So, due to this reasons getting approval from adsense is little hard for publishers who doesn't have experience in this field yet they search for alternatives to adsense which can full-fill the lack of adsense on their website or blog with its features and capabilities to earn money online. 

In this scenario, we found an ad network which have option to withdraw when you earn as low as 5$ interesting right? the ad network named Adsterra is currently in momentum to become best adsense alternative to all small and big publishers with good CPM & CTR rates. 

Adsterra is completely free, there is no fees for publishers with full ownership control on revenue and Adsterra  was committed to eliminating ad fraud, Adsterra have instant payments and no threshold, you can take full control on your ad space and make best of it. is a simple and clean Advertsing Network with goal of maximizing publisher revenue and also providing quality service to thier advertisers with it's numerous features that provide required benefits which you can rely on to monetize your blog or website with Ads so, why late let's know little more info about Adsterra and start registering & setup up your publisher account.

• Adsterra official support •

Contact : +357 252 610 70

• How to register on • 

- Go to

- Tap on Sign in

- Tap on publisher

- Tap on Don't have an account? 

- Enter your Name and Email tap on CONTINUE

- Enter all the required details and tap on COMPLETE REGISTRATION. 

- Now, check your gmail or email service provider and find verification mail received from verification email. 

- Tap on E-mail

- Now, Enter your login details and tap on SIGN IN. 

Congratulations, Now, you successfully added all the basic details in Adsterra and verified email but you have to create Ad slots for your website, blog or articles, pages, the steps will be mentioned below. 

• How to setup and start monetizing on Network •


- Enter your website, select website category, select available Ad Units, and removing any unnecessary campaigns, and tap on ADD

- You will get instant approval once you added the website, just refresh website. 

- Tap on Ad codes

- Tap on Get code to Copy your Ad unit code or tap on Add code to add new Ad Unit. 

- Select and copy the Ad unit code and -and paste it above the  of your site. 

-  In blogger you can paste the code in html / JavaScript widget easily. 

Atlast, Do remember you can create many ad Units but they will only appear after you successfully verify website, then you will able to see Adsterra appear on your blog or website and start earning money crypto currency for impressions and clicks. 

Overall, Adsterra is very easy to use due to its simple user interface which gives you vivid and cool user experience but we have to wait and see will Adsterra get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Adsterra have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention Adsterra is not only useful to monetize website or blog it is also good platform to get traffic, yes In Advertise with Advertiser Account so, if you spend money on advertising utilising Adsterra you can get good amount of traffic on your blog or website. 

Finally, this is Adsterra , an Ad network for advertising and to monetize websites or blogs the registration process is simple, they have many features which you can utilise to improvise your earnings, do you tried Adsterra to do advertise or to monetize blog or website ? if yes do you found it useful to get earn money or gain traffic do mention your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)