It is well known truth adsense is #1 top ad network for publishers with good cpm and impression rates for mile but not everyone able to get adsense approval due to many reasons like adsense try to approve blogs or websites which are at least 6 month to 1 year old with consistent quality content but it is not always necessary if you post quality content you may get approval from adsense in week which is possible but for new publishers unable to publish quality content in begginings due to lack of experience in this field due to that adsense will reject the requests until they found what they insisting from blog to give approval.

So, due to this reasons getting approval from adsense is little hard for publishers who doesn't have experience in this field yet they search for alternatives to adsense which can full-fill the lack of adsense on their website or blog with its features and capabilities to earn money online. 

In this scenario, we found an ad network named which was founded in January 2021, it has carried out many different and successful projects in the cryptocoin world for many years. they want to provide a different experience to thier users by integrating the experience they have from the past into the advertising industry and integrating advertising and bitcoin.

Unlike other companies has chosen simplicity. We aim to bring our advertisers and publishers together in simplicity by avoiding complicated interfaces, pages or modules that tire users and are difficult to understand. does not make any difference between countries. Regardless of the country the advertiser or publisher is subject to the same conditions, their payments or costs are the same. However, evaluate thier publishers and advertisers in 5 different categories. they call this evaluation called tier system. After every publisher and advertiser registers on the site as a tier 5, publishers and advertisers are upgraded to higher tiers over time, depending on their quality, content, traffic, investment rate, etc.

Tier system is an restriction system developed so that colorfulads advertisers do not have to pay the same money for every site, every view, every click to protect their investments. Likewise, to protect our publisher sites, it ensures that they do not receive the same earnings for each banner.

In the tier system, each tier matches with its own tier. for example, the tier 2 advertiser's banner is shown primarily on tier 2 publisher sites. If there is no tier 2 publisher site, it will be displayed on sites with lower tiers, but the cost of impressions and clicks will be lower. Likewise, on the tier 2 publisher site, advertising banners of tier 2 advertisers are displayed first. If no tier 2 advertiser banner is found, it will show banners of lower-tier advertisers.

The advertiser or publisher tiers are regularly updated by technical team when deemed appropriate during the routine checks of all publisher sites and advertisers. there is no specific criteria, time or budget. In this update, exclusivity and quality are more important than the country. currently accepts only bitcoin payments and pays publishers in bitcoin. however, other coins and payment methods will be supported in the near future and thier minimum deposit is 0.0001 BTC while withdrawal limit is 0.001 BTC., primary goal is not to compete with thier competitors, but to provide quality and noncomplex service to thier users. In addition, it is very important to them to make thier users feel that they are not alone by establishing a support system that they can reach at any time and get help or support. Currently colorfulads only provide support via e-mail which is pretty quick and responsive but thier ticket system and live support line will going to be active in a short time soon. is completely free, there is no fees for publishers with providing full ownership control on revenue and was committed to eliminating ad fraud, have instant payments and no threshold, you can take full control on your ad space and make best of it. 

Yes, is a simple and clean Advertsing Network with goal of maximizing publisher revenue and also providing quality service to thier advertisers with it's numerous features that provide required benefits which you can rely on to monetize your blog or website with Ads so, why late let's know little more info about Colorfulads and start registering & setup up your publisher account. 

Colorfulads Official Support

Website :

• Colorfulads Official Team •

Colorfulads do not want to disclose thier personal information at the moment. we may get the information in future. 

How to register on • 

- Tap on

- Tap on Login

- Tap on Register

- Enter Email, Password and choose user type as publisher at last check the box to agree terms and conditions and also verify I'm not a robot the tap on Register

- Now, check your gmail or email service provider and find verification mail received from Colorfulads verification email. 

-  Tap on on the verification link and open in your favorite browser to login

- Enter your username, password and tap on Login

Congratulations, Now, you successfully added all the basic details in Colorfulads and verified email but you have to create Ad slots for your website, blog or articles, pages, the steps will be mentioned below. 

• How to setup and start monetizing on Network •

- Tap on 

- Tap on Sites

- Tap on New Site

- Enter Site Name, URL, Choose category and Language and tap on Save changes

- Now, wait until it was approved. It won't take more than a day in most cases. 

- Once Approved, you can create ad units. 

- Re-tap on  and tap on Ad Units. 

- Tap on New Ad Unit. 

- Enter Ad Unit name, Select Website and Ad Unit format then tap on Save changes. 

- Tap on to get Ad Unit code. 

- Copy Ad Unit code and paste it above the of your site. 

- In blogger you can paste the code in html / JavaScript widget easily. 

Atlast, Do remember you can create many ad Units but they will only appear after you successfully verify website, then you will able to see Colorfulads appear on your blog or website and start earning money crypto currency for impressions and clicks. 

Overall, Colorfulads is very easy to use due to its simple user interface which gives you vivid and cool user experience but we have to wait and see will colorfulads get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now colorfulads have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like. 

Finally, this is Colorfulads , an Ad network for advertising and to monetize websites or blogs the registration process is simple, they have many features which you can utilise to improvise your earnings, do you tried Colorfulads to do advertise or to monetize blog or website ? if yes do you found it useful to get earn money or gain traffic do mention your experience in our comment section below, see ya :) 

Moreover, it is worth to mention Colorfulads is not only useful to monetize website or blog it is also good platform to get traffic, yes In Colorfulads you can also advertise with as little as 0.001 btc so if you spend money on advertising utilising AdEx you can get good amount of traffic on your blog or website.