Do you use telegram alot? then you may probably download many files because telegram is hub of movies and music, so you may have requirement to download them frequently, we will now show you how to convert telegram files to high speed download links So, that you can choose your own download manager software or app to download telegram files faster! 

• How to convert telegram files to 
downloadable links •

- Search, for the below bots. 

@PublicURL_bot  @warlockpublicurl_bot @KL_GetPublicUrlBot you can choose any one bot that you like to convert telegram files to high speed download links. 

- We are using Public URL Bot to show you the demo! You can choose any bot and tap on START

- Go Back, and navigate to the file that you want to convert to download links and tap on forward to send the file to the bot that convert telegram files to links. 

- Tap on any bot that we shown earlier, we using Public URL Bot for demo purposes. 

- Once, you send the file it will reply with download link which you can open with your favorite download manager apps. 

Overall, All these bots are amazing, in few taps you will get high speed download links using this bots you can convert unlimited telegram files to high speed download links but do note use some good download manager to get maximum achievable speed, these bots have easy to use user interface that give awesome user experience for sure. 

Moreover, In these bots you can send as many telegram files you want there is no restrictions mentioned, whichever files you have will be easily converted to download links, there are only few bots available in telegram which have this functionality and we presented you few of the popular bots here. 

Finally, this is how you can convert your telegram files to downloadable links, do you like it? If yes do you now tried to convert telegram files using this bots? Incase, you already converted telegram files to links before, do mention your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)