Do you use Telegram? ever wondered how to create your own bot on telegram? that you can use for various things! we will now show you how to create your own bot on Telegram, so that you can use it for your projects or developments etc, it is very easy and simple so, Let's start creating your own bot on Telegram. 

How to create a telegram bot

- Go to Telegram App and Search @BotFather then you will find official @BotFather from telegram tap on it. 

- Tap on START

- Tap on START

- Tap on /newbot

- Enter your Bot Name and Send it. 

- Then, Enter your Bot Username, You must need to put Bot or Bot at the end of Name

- Now, you successfully created a Bot in telegram but you must have to copy the HTTP API : token which you need to use for development of your Bot or projects that need this bot token. 

- As per telegram developers, don't share http api token to anyone. Incase accidently if you shared token you can reset and get new token in @botfather itself. 

Overall, @BotFather is the only available official bot from Telegram it is simple and quick way to create Telegram bots with its easy to use and process functionality in back end, but do note you must require
HTTP API Token for any type of projects without API Token you can't use Telegram bot or features including that you must have to use Telegram API to build bot and follow terms and conditions else your Telegram bot may get banned or blocked. @BotFather have very easy to use interface that gives simple yet cool user experience. 

Moreover, In @BotFather, there are alot of options that you can see in the above pic which you can use later on, including that you can create unlimited Telegram bots for free, tap on /newbot and set a new Name and new username everytime it will automatically create a new bot with its own HTTP API token with thier technology, so check them out. 

Finally, this is how you can create your own Telegram bot, do you like it? If yes do you now tried to create your own bot on Telegram ? ? Incase, you already created bots on telegram before, do mention your bot Name and URL, in our comment section below, see ya :)