Do you ever wanted to buy domain in low price? If yes there are alot of websites do provide top level popular domains like .in, .com or .xyz etc, every week or month due to competition between domain & hosting websites they provide various top domains at low price giving promo codes to tackle competitors & increase thier brand identity and popularity among internet users. 

Yes, domain & hosting providers give a lot of offers to public so that they can create a lot of hype about thier website and gain customers so that they can combinely get future investments from customer, for ex. most domain & hosting providers only give 1st year domain at low price in most cases or domain & hosting providers give hosting only pay while 1st year of domain free. 

However, this domain & hosting providers in most scenarios only try to give 1st year at low cost and from 2nd year they will do charge you more amount or regular price for domain and hosting, in this way they were able to get profits and retain users for long time making them to purchase from thier service itself instead others. 

Eventhough, there are alot of things that were involved in this subject, still getting huge discount for purchasing domains is definitely profitable for new customer but it is important to check renewal prices as certain domain providers like wordpress give domain at low price for 1st year then in renewal they double the price which is not acceptable if you concerned about it, so check the renewal prices of domains were normal or not later proceed to buy which will not get any issues in future. 

We do like to buy domain at lower prices and we are in continuous search finding domain providers which will provide the top-level domains in lower price and we found an domain provider named by 1&1 domains which is currently providing huge value for money offers like .com or any domain at 1$ with 1 year hosting which is definitely remarkable and worth because most domain providers currently priced them at 10$ to 15$ except GoDaddy if you are living in United States or united Kingdom you can get domain for 1$ using promocode but here in you will combinely get domain and hosting for 12 months which is awesome. 

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Website :

NiiiIf you like to utilise ionos offers then you just have to simply register in & follow the procedure that we are going to mention below so that you can follow it to get domains at huge lower price compared to other domain providers out there, if you want to purchase .com domain then congrats is the only domain provider that giving .com domain at 1$ with hosting included ! So are you ready to save your money then let's get started. 

How to register and get .com or any domain at 1$ with hosting on

- Go to

- Enter you desired domain name and tap on search to find. 

- if the domain you desired available then tap on Add to cart. 

- Tap on Continue

- Scroll down, to add hosting for 12 months for free. 

- Tap on Add to cart

- Now, you can check both domain and hosting available to purchase for 1$ only, 

- Tap on Continue

- Tap on Create new account or tap on check our with PayPal for easy and faster purchase. 

- Here, Enter your Billing information. 

- Scroll down, Add your address, email and phone number. 

- At bottom, Enter your password and tap on Continue to payment options. 

- You have two payment options available in ionos, credit card and paypal. 

- choose according to your convenience, we choose paypal as it is simple & fast. 

- Tap on Continue to pay through paypal. 

- Complete the transaction of 1$ through credit card or paypal,then you successfully purchased .com or any domain at 1$ for 1year with hosting on

Hurray - Congratulations! 

Overall, domain & hosting is impressive, especially 1$ offer they do provide alot of other amazing offers timely but remmember to get domain at 1$ you must need to add 1$ hosting else this offer will be no valid, ionos website is  feels clean and simple it is easy to navigate and use which gives enjoyable user experience. 

Moreover, In, there are a lot of information that was not mentioned here, which you have to need to check yourself in ionos website itself, they have all required technology to host you website with the requirements technologies that you prefer, so do check them out. 

Finally, this is how you can get domains and hosting at 1$, do you liked it? If yes do you now tried to purcase .in domain on ionos? Incase, you already tried to purchase do you got the domain? Say your views about in our comment section below, see ya :)