If you just started your own website or any blog but you don't know how to rank it on Google Search you are at right place we will teach you how to get quality backlinks easily for free so that you can rank your website, blog or articles on 1st page of Google search results. 

But If you already own a blog or website for some period of time you may probably know the fact ranking website or articles require good quality backlinks which will increase domain authority and notify Google that your website, blog or articles have quality content so they have to rank them to showcase to visitors. 

Remember, Google only rank website, blog or articles with quality content so you also have to write quality content which is main thing and then later you have to get good quality backlinks so it will progress faster  to rank your website as blog or article on Google search results. 

Yes, but beginners or newbies who just started their own website or blog career don't know how to get backlinks they try super hard but unable to get good results and endup getting poor low quality back- links which are not worth but usually most beginners create Facebook or Instagram twitter accounts and link their website or blog which is little beneficial as it will be considerable quality backlinks. 

So, if you are a complete beginner but you not even created facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts then create them and add your website or blog link including that post your all articles which will not only give you considerable backlinks but also establish and increase brand identity. 

In this scenario, we found reliable source named Google Docs this is a is an online word processor that give user ability to create documents to share with friends, public or anyone with published document link world-wide it is one of the popular service from Google to create and share docs to anyone, usually most people use it for creating documents but you can now also use it to get quality backlinks for your website or blog, and articles for free, 

Yes Google Docs will also rank your documents in Google Search Engine so that you will get improvised seo and Traffic in Addition but first you have to install two apps named Google Drive and Google Docs on your Android Device to get started. More likely this apps may already installed on your device from manufacturer itself, kindly check for yourself. 

Google Docs is an online word processor included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google which also includes Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, Google Sites, and Google Keep. Google Docs is accessible via an internet browser as a web-based application and is also available as a mobile app on Android and iOS and as a desktop application on Google's Chrome OS. - Wikipedia

Note : It is enough to just install Google Docs app on your Android Device but with the help of Google Drive you can backup the documents creating using Google Docs easily to share and save time. 

- App Info - Google Play -

• How to download Google Drive

It is very easy to download Google Drive from this platforms for free. 

• How to download Google Docs

It is very easy to download Google Drive from this platform for free. 

How to create backlink for your website or blog using Google Docs •

- Open Google Drive and tap on +

- Tap on Google Docs

- Now, it will start creating document... 
- Tap on + and tap on image to add your website or blog logo. 

- You can load your website or blog logo from photos, camera, from web. 

- Once, you add logo, enter or copy paste your website or blog short bio with your blog or website url at bottom then long press on your blog or website URL to insert link of it. 

- Tap on √ 

Done, You successfully created backlink for your website or blog using Google Docs but if you want to create backlink for articles then clear all of them and follow the below steps now. 

How to create backlink for your website updates or blog articles using Google Docs. 

- Add Article Thumbnail with Article title like you added your website and blog logo and short bio earlier, but put any text like read more, tap here, click here etc. 

- You can also create hyperlink to the image but creating hyper link for text is more then enough. 

- Long press on Tap Here to insert Article link to proceed further. 

- Once you inserted link, tap on

- Tap on Untitled Document. 

- Enter or copy paste your Article Title and tap on OK

- Now, Tap on +👥 to share with public. 

- Tap on Not shared. 

- Tap on Change

- Tap on Restricted 

- Tap on Anyone with the link. 

- Finished, You can now share the link to anyone and re-direct them to website or blog and articles for free. 

YAY! You successfully created backlink for your website, blog, articles, pages using Google Docs. 

Atlast, you just now created backlinks for your website, blog or articles, pages by utilsing Google Docs , just by adding logo, short bio,  website or blog link, article title and link, and posted them to share with Anyone, that's it now you successfully created backlinks for your website, blog or articles for free. 

Overall, Google Docs is very easy to use due to its simple user interface with dark and light mode gives cool user experience but viewing user interface in mobile of document in browser is not good to make it better we have to add it in PC so, Google Docs need to improvise user interface of Documents on mobile browser in future other then that Google Docs have clean user interface and user experience.

Moreover, it is worth to mention you can post Google Docs link on Facebook they won't block your URL or consider Google Docs link as spam, if you are familiar with Facebook they won't allow you to post any short link or articles links but by utilising Google docs you can post unlimited links of Google docs without worring about fb blocking it and get traffic from fb including that you can share Google docs link to any one and social networks. 

Finally, This is Google Docs a word processor to create documents from Google and a good reliable source to get backlinks for your website, blog or articles for free, the process is simple, they have many features which you can utilise to improvise your posts, do you tried Google Docs to get backlinks? if yes do you found it useful to get backlinks? do mention your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)