Tecno mobile
is one of the leading phone company which provide quality phones at budget prices competing xiaomi, redmi & oneplus due to tecno mobiles quality and technology it has become new favourite to many users, tecno strives to provide best quality with perfect usage experience for their users with their top notch hardware and software included with warranty. 

Especially, Like xiaomi, redmi or oneplus Tecno mobiles have it's custom software named HiOS that was based on Android but with their own skin and modified with numerous features that were designed for tecno mobiles users which was optimized and customized to add features and tune the phone performance or usage etc. 

HiOS is the best custom software that was packed with many useful features which is integrated with the tecno's own technology to enhance the performance, battery life & gaming experience and many more to give best usage experience in the device to the user including that tecno provide software updates frequently to update security and provide new features. 

HiOS is currently running on Android 10 in latest mobiles phones aka HiOS 7.0 but it was upgraded to HiOS 7.6 aka Android 11 on recently released latest phones like the Tecno Spark 7 Pro so, if you really wanted to experience HiOS 7.6 then you definately need Tecno Spark 7 pro which is available to buy online but incase you own different model but latest Tecno mobiles like pova, camon etc then wait Tecno surely going to update them to HiOS 7.6 very soon. 

HiOS 7.6 based on Android 11, tecno done awesome work to provide many incredible features for the users to be clear you'll get the goodness of Android 11 included with smartness of HiOS 7.6 that was upgraded to provide best performance on every edge of mobile either the battery, gaming, usage experience which you'll like it compared to HiOS 7.0 So, do we got your interest, if Yes let's know key features of HiOS 7.6

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• HiOS 7.6 Key features •

- HiOS 7.6 comes with an all-new design using the TECNO Cosmo blue as the new background that is Inspired by Starry Night of Vincent Van Gogh, the blue is pure and comfortable reminding you of the sky and sea; It's also elegant & intriguing, for your peaceful pondering of nature. Cosmos will be  shown blue graded saturation, manifesting strong vitality with colour transitions. It's so Ethereal, Dazzling, and Mysterious.

- Less is more, Minimalism immersed in every move, by SmartArc The all new HiOS 7.6 provides symmetry in the golden ratio, plenty of blank space, unity of screen and elements for a more balanced HiOS visual experience highlighting the key contents. 

 - Delivering breakthough intelligence from the bottom to the top, Inbued with smart squares, a modern and elegant layout will largely contribute to your daily-life convenience and work efficiency.

-  Phone cloner, Easy data migration in a single click, Transfer files between phones with zero mobile data flow? The new Phone cloner on HiOS7.6 gives you all the supports  so that you can use one-tap to migrate all your data.

- Document correction Auto course correct your crooked documents, Did you take pictures of important documents but the position and angles are all bent out of shape? Document correction uses perspective correction and page edge detection technology to auto course-correct your documents and adjusts it for easier and correct viewing.

- Film Album, Make your pictures into eye-catching movies, Ever tried to create a movie from photos? Simply select a few of your photos and you have a blockbuster in your hands. Want to create special memory for your best friend or relative? Select photos where you’re together and you have a blockbuster of your time together. Creating an unforgettable gift for a special person in your life has never been so easy. 

- Kids Mode, Track your child's online activity in real time, Kids mode restricts contents and time duration you child can play on the phone so as to safeguard you her/his health. More importantly, when the child is lying down and looking at the phone, it will immediately remind her/his  to correct the wrong posture.

- Voice Changer, Interesting Chatting by disguised voice! Voice Changer allows you to  add more fun chatting by disguising your voice with different ages and genders . It helps you to customize voice effects the way you want. Now,come to change your voice in real time and have fun with friends!

- Za-Hooc Privacy and Security Solution, everything related to your phone, Based on Android and GSM ecology, Za-Hooc uses encryption technology to protect your device and personal data both at software and hardware level. Not just end users but also developers will benefit from it.

- Peek Proof, Protect your phone screen privacy from snooping eyes, Peek Proof is designed to obscure your phone's display so others have a hard time snooping over your shoulder when you chat or use your phone in public. 

- Vault 2.0, multi-tools to protect your secrets on your phone, Vault 2.0, helps you hide your social media apps, encrypt, and hide your personal photos. Now you can protect every aspect of your privacy, no more information leaks!

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of HiOS 7.6 there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, HiOS is best custom software competing MIUI, oxygen OS & many more, So if you want best custom software with alot of features then we recommend you HiOS which have the potential to become your new choice. 

Overall, HiOS 7.6 is interesting which provide sleek and intuitive experience filled and packed with numerous features that were combined with tecno's own technology developed to add on tecno mobiles to give best overall usage experience in battery, gaming, etc, to the users it is fast, clean, simple interface as of now it is only available on few devices like Tecno Spark 7 pro you will get on the HiOS 7.6 software on latest Tecno mobile soon. Date not confirmed! 

Finally, Tecno is a premium smartphone brand which cares and strives to provide best quality and usage experience to thier users, HiOS is integrated with thier own technology to provide best experience to thier tecno mobile users so do you like it?, if yes are you using HiOS 7.6 right now? If you are already using HiOS 7.6 say us your experience in our comment section below, or if you are waiting for HiOS 7.6 then feel free to say us your expections and opinion below, see ya :)