Telegram is one of the popular messaging app competing whatsapp and signal but it does lack some features which are needed by certain percentage of users due to that people who are requiring certain features were not able to get them on telegram in time due to late updates but eventhough it take sometime to get users feedbacks and user requests based features on telegram they will definately come in future. 

Yes, Telegram doesn't have some features that are requiring by certain percentage of telegram users and will they get it or not In future is doubtful, so certain percentage of telegram users who are requiring features that are not available on official telegram app were searching for a telegram client which have additional features that was able to full-fill thier requirements. 

Telegram is open source they have public API which developers can utilise to make their own telegram client app with ability to add extra features and modifications due to that we are able to see Telegram clients from numerous companies and individual developers on playstore while most of them available for free but any Telegram client or bot must follow the development protocols with Terms and conditions compulsary. 

Telegram is one of the most used social messaging app with security & privacy is most priority due to that telegram utilised by many business magnates & celebrities to chat and do business through Telegram even it is hub of crypto bots, crypto wallets and channels, groups etc but do you ever thought or wanted to have a crypto wallet integrated on telegram to use it like the real crypto wallet on mobile? 

In this scenario, We have a workaround we found a telegram client that have a crypto wallet integrated named iMe Messenger the developers of this telegram client done a fabulous job they perfectly embed crypto wallet on telegram without disturbing the Telegram originality and simplicity, usually most Telegram clients packed with alot of features but iMe messenger is very similar and close to official telegram app with the little UI changes and crypto wallet which is main iconic of iMe Messenger that is not available on any other Telegram clients. 

So, if you are a crypto miner, celebrity or any individual or company want a crypto wallet to do business or want to send or receive crypto currency through telegram you can use this iMe Messenger telegram client's crypto wallet like real, it has many popular crypto currency coins wallets like Bitcoin, and with their own Aicoins with numerous features that can amaze you. 

However, When security and privacy is the first priority of yours then official Telegram should always be your choice because the telegram clients may contain virus, trojans, malwares etc if you install them from any un-verified unknown sources or you may able to see and get frequent bugs, errors etc on un-official telegram clients. 

Eventhough, iMe messenger is un-official client of Telegram that doesn't mean you shouldn't install it, it has gone through many security tests conducted by Google and Apple, After iMe messenger passed in all tests and security measurements then iMe messenger was released on Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store so, it is easy & safe to install iMe Messenger on Android or iOS for free including that iMe Messenger may available on PC in future. 

In simple, iMe Messenger is a un-official API based powerful Telegram client that is integrated with ArtificiaI Intelligence, tools, crypto wallet and blockchain, it is fast and secure, private, cloud, multi-functional app that was developed by a dedicated official team to create the most progressive and technological platform in the world, iMe official team improvise offical Telegram functionality and develop its own features.

iMe Messenger Official Support •

- Discussion group :

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- Twitter : ImePlatform

- Support :  [email protected]

- Collaboration : [email protected]

- Website :

How to download iMe Messenger • 

It is very easy get info and download iMe Messenger from these platforms for free. 

• iMe Messenger Key features with UI & UX Overview • 


• Topics and chat folders;
• Advanced settings for tabs and folders;
• Sorting chats by types; 
• Sorting chats in archive;
• Private albums in the Cloud;
• Music from your device and chats is in a single section;


• Multi-panel in chats;
• Side menu settings;
• Configuring the context menu of messages;
• Wide posts and disabling the bottom bar in the channels;
• Filters for contacts and group members;
• Selecting a camera before recording video messages;


• Multi-forwarding to chats with on/off author;
• Multi-reply in groups;
• Translation of incoming and outgoing messages;
• Extracting text from the image;
• Making description of the image;
• Converting voice messages into text;
• Adding reactions with emoji and buttons with links to messages;
• Animated sticker and GIF on your video avatar;
• Neurobots-assistants offering quick replies in the form of phrases and GIFs;
• Clearing cache once a day;
• iMe settings backup in the Cloud;

• How to setup crypto wallet on iMe Messenger • 

- Open Telegram and Tap on ≡ & tap on Wallet to proceed further. 

- Tap on Activate 

- Tap on Activate iMe Wallet & Activate. 

- Tap on Create Ethereum Account. 

- Tap on Create new or Tap on import to Add existing Ethereum Account if exists. 

- Read & Tap on Next

- Read & Tap on Next

- Read & Tap on Next 
- Read & Tap on Next. Here after you can copy the crypto currency backup text, just note down on paper or anywhere else and tap on continue

- Enter your Password and Next. 

- Set your own PIN for wallet this will provide additional security.

- Tap on settings icon. 

- Tap on Ethereum Account. 

- Tap on Backup copy to get paraphrase again which you can copy & note it down. 

- Here, You'll get Aicoin, Ethereum, Tether, OLCertificate, Lime coins and Bitcoin is coming soon, Stay Tuned! 

- Tap on Exchange to get Decentralized Exchanges

iMe Messenger Crypto Wallet Key Features - 


• Crypto Wallet for Ethereum accounts (ETH, USDT, LIME, OLCF) for storage, purchasing and transferring crypto within chats. 

• Binance Smart Chain integration with BNB and BUSD coins. 

• Integration of Simplex for the secure purchase of cryptocurrency through bank cards. 

• Decentralized swap via Uniswap. 

• Internal coins AiCoin as a universal means of calculation and in-app monetization. 

Atlast, iMe Messenger is very useful client that have many amazing features which is similar to official telegram app without any big changes integrated with iconic Crypto wallet which is not available on any other Telegram client on internet, so it's special feature on iMe messenger packed with the original Telegram simplicity & originality. If you have requirement of a Telegram client that was integrated with Crypto wallet then iMe Messenger can be your New choice 

Overall, iMe Messenger is easy to use and one of the best telegram client integrated with Crypto Wallet that was perfect which is simple and clean user interface like almost original telegram client keeping simplicity and originality at stake including that iMe developing own features due to that user interface is absolutely fantastic and user experience is cool like telegram as of now iMe messenger have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like to use for sure. 

Finally, This is iMe Messenger the best Telegram client integrated with crypto wallet available on Android, iOS, so do do you like it? If yes have you tried? If you are already user of iMe Messenger and it's crypto wallet then do mention why you like iMe Messenger say us your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)