Do you want to add live chat widget? It will help you communicate with your visitors and customers so that you can resolve doubts and queries of your customers or visitors which will help you gain credibility and trust to grow the brand identity and sell services or products better for good profit margins.

Yes, The better you can communicate with your customers or vistors the more positive Impact will be applied on the customer or vistor to make them buy from you instead others, it is a business principle from the ancient times, so adding live chat widget to communicate with your customers or vistors will get you good impact on your company in long run for sure. 

Today, Most companies and individuals add live chat option on thier shopping website to resolve thier customers doubts and queries and guide them buy their products or services, live chat option will help customer and seller mutually, it is recommendedable for any product or services company including invidividual sellers to add live chat option on thier website! 

Generally, These days shopping & services companies or individuals using wordpress to host thier websites due to the powerful plugins available in wordpress but blogger doesn't even have simple live chat widget due to this reason most popular shopping and services companies or individuals are using WordPress instead Blogger. 

However, There are little amount of users using blogger to host thier shopping and products or services website due to latest shopping templates available for bloggers provided by template developers but blogger doesn't have any in-build plugin or widget available to add live chat facility. 

In this scenario, we have a workaround for people or who want to add live chat on Blogger, we found website named tawk that have feature to add live chat facility on any HTML websites, including Blogger and Wordpress while Wordpress support is officially available but it is possible to add Blogger as well, so why late let's know little more info and start registering on to setup and add live chat facility on any Website especially Blogger Official Support • 

Website :

- App Info - Google Play / App Store

How to download App • 

• How To Register On To Setup And Add Live Chat Facility On Blogger Or Any HTML Website For Free With UI & UX Overview •

- Go to 


- Enter Your Name, Enter Your Email, Enter Your Password As Directed And Tap On Sign up for free. 

- Select your language and tap on continue.

- Enter Site Name, Enter Site URL, Enter Widget Name : Live Chat. 

- Add your Team Members if required and tap on Continue. 

- Tap on Copy to Clipboard and Tap on Done to add the JavaScript code on the blogger website.

- In Blogger, Add Html / JavaScript widget and paste one signal code in it and tap on SAVE to get Live Chat option on your website or blog in few seconds. 

- Go to you website, You can check Bell icon, the visitor have tap on it, once the visitor tap on Live Chat icon it will open a pop up in browser like below. 

Then, Visitor have to tap on ALLOW to directly Live Chat with you or your team directly through, . 

Congratulations, Now you successfully registered on and setup Live Chat on blogger for free. 

Atlast, Go back to, Here you have numerous features, you can give response to your customers or vistors and check statistics or add Add-ons and even add sound notifications and more. so if you want to Add Live Chat widget on your your HTML Website or Blogger then can be good choice. 

Overall, Tawk is very easy to use due to its user interface which gives you easy and simple user experience in desktop mode but in Mobile it is little hard they have to make it better but we have to wait and see will Tawk make Mobile user interface more user friendly in future as of now only desktop mode of of is good that have potential to give perfect user interface and user experience that you may like for sure. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention is currently the most used popular Live Chat widget service used by popular shopping and services websites to chat with thier customers and vistors which you can now add on blogger for free, is reputed Onesignal is reputed and reliable pushup notification service that you can use. 

Finally, this is how you can setup Live Chat facility on blogger, do you liked it? If yes have to tried? If you are already user of do mention how is your over all experience with have you ever faced delays or issues with do mention your experience on onesignal in our comment section below, see ya :)