Today, You don't need PC to do amazing video edits Now, you can do it on mobile as well due to latest upgrades & updates in mobile hardware and software department, it is now possible to do awesome videos edits on mobiles powered by Android or iOS with the help of advanced video and photo editing apps available in internet. 

Yes, Mobile hardware and software gone through rapid advancements from past 10 years in terms of technology due to that it is possible for developers to create perfect video editing apps that can do powerful video editing on Android or iOS. 

Eventhough, there are powerful video edit apps available on Android or iOS like Kine Master, Power Director, Action Director or Filmora but they will stamp watermark in user exported videos on their free version to remove watermark on exported videos user have to buy or upgrade to premium version of their video editing apps. 

So, Users whoever use KineMaster, Power Director, Action Director, Filmora or other video editing apps that stamp watermark were searching for video editing apps that can export their videos without water mark for free without buying or upgrading to any premium version etc. 

However, there are few video editing apps available for free that can export videos in full HD without watermark on Google Play but picking the best one in all of them will make sure that you won't get any issues or requirements of searching for other video editing apps in future. 

But, do remember this video editing apps only provide watermark free exports that doesn't mean all the features will be free, this video editing apps may lock features that will be only unlocked after purchase yet this apps will provide watermark free exports which is important & necessary for video editors. 

If you are searching for best video editor app that can export your videos without watermark then hold on, we are in-search of best video editor app that can export your videos without watermark, we found a video editing app named VLOO. 

VLOO Video Editor and Maker can export your videos in 4k resolution without watermark it has numerous features for beginners and for casual users, VLOO is ready for pro users with premium features! VLOO is packed with professional video editing features like chrome key, PiP, mosiac and keyframe animations and more do you got interest in this video editing app let's download to get started. 

• VLOO Video Editor and Maker Official Support •

Website :

- App Info - Google Play / App Store 

• How to download VLOO Video Editor and Maker App •

It is very easy to download VLOO Video Editor and Maker from these platforms available  for free. 

VLOO Video Editor Key features with UI & UX Overview • 

- Open VILLO video editing app. 

- Tap on Create Video / Gif  

- Add Video, Photo, Gif and tap on [ > ]

- Read the warning, as it says don't delete the used video/photo library, if you delete it, VLLO can't open the project so follow it and tap on OK to continue. 

- Enter Project Title, Select Aspect Ratio, Content Mode and tap on Create Project

- Now, start editing your videos with VLLO professional and powerful features!

- Video zoom in and out with two fingers right on the screen. 

- You can customize the color of your background or add animation effects.

-  Add a sense of immersion to a still video by using the keyframe animations.

- You can pin blur or pixel mosaic to have them move as you like. 

- Clip Edits like Trim and Split, 

- Speed, Reverse, Rearrangement

 - Add additional images or videos are all easy to handle.

- Create a more refined video with the various filters and color correction.

-  Adjust brightness, contrast hue/saturation and shadows.

- Apply seamless transitions from dissolve ,swipe, and fade to trendy pop art inspired graphic.

- Add a layer of a video, image or GIF on your video by PIP.  

- There are 200+ royalty-free background music with different tones ready for use. 

- You may import music stored on your device.

- Add a professional touch with the audio fade in/out feature. 

- You can produce richer sound with 450+ various sound effects. 

- Record a voice-over during editing with a single touch!

- Stickers, labels and text to add flair to your videos they have Over than 2,200 categorized trendy stickers and moving texts are updated every season.

- Stickers and texts are in vector format so you won't lose quality when expanded. 

- You can pin stickers and texts to have them move as you please.

+ You can make your own text style using animation, individual character coloring, shadows, and outline properties editing.

- All videos you edit are automatically saved in 'My Project'.

- Unlimited undo/redo function allows easy restoration/re-application.

- You can preview the video you are working on in full screen.

- There is a grid so you can check the ratio within the video more easily.

- Automatic position setting according to the grid is possible with the magnetic function.

- No watermark with high-resolution 4K video export for free. 

Atlast, VLOO Video Editor & Maker is very useful to edit videos and export them in 4k without watermark for free, so that you will able to use it for company ads or publish them on any social networks like facebook and Instagram or facebook etc, if you want video editor that has professional features to full-fill your video editing requirements then VLLO have potential to become your new choice video editor app available on Google Play. 

OverallVLOO Video Editor & Maker is easy to use and good Video editor to create awesome videos with 4k and no watermark for free due to its professional and intuitive user interface which gives you clean user experience but we have to wait and see will VLOO Video Editor and Maker get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now VLOO Video Editor & Maker have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like to use for sure. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention you can unlock complete features of VLLO video editor & Maker by purchasing 350 INR - month, 690 INR - Annual, 2,050 INR - Life Time, / if you have any requirement of premium features of VLOO then you can Go ahead for any package, buy premium wisely. 

- VLOO Video Editor & Maker Premium Features - 

Chroma Key
• 180+ label
• Mosiac
• 120+ Frame
- Video PIP
- 440+ effect
• 1000+ Motion Sticker
• Text Styling per character
• Background
• Remove Ads
• Add Blur
• Graphic Transition
• Filter Adjustments

Finally, This is VLOO Video Editor & Maker best and professional video editor app for creating awesome videos with powerful features, do you like it? If yes have you tried? If you are already user of Video Editor & Maker then do mention why you like VLOO say us your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)