Google's Blogger is one of the popular content management system competing wordpress and medium to create blog or website in few minutes but official blogger app lack advanced poweful editor which is only available on desktop version due to that certain percentage of mobile users who require advanced editor were unable to get that on official blogger app due to that reason they need to access desktop version every time to do advanced editing on thier pages or articles eventhough it take sometime to get users feedbacks and user requests based features on official blogger app they may definately come in future

Yes, official blogger app do not have advanced editor like on PC that is requiring by certain percentage of mobile users and will they get it or not In future is doubtful, so, certain percentage of official blogger app users who are requiring advanced editor and additional features that are not available on official blogger app were searching for a blogger client which have advanced editor and additional features that was able to full-fill thier requirements

Blogger is open source they have public API which developers can utilise to make their own blogger client app with ability to add extra features and modifications due to that we are able to see blogger clients from numerous companies and individual developers on playstore while most of them available for free but any blogger clients must follow the development protocols with Terms and conditions compulsary. 

In this scenario, We have a workaround we found a blogger client app that have a powerful advanced editor like on PC named Blogger Prime the developers of this blogger client done a fabulous job they perfectly embed advanced editor on blogger prime with additonal features and most importantly plugins, usually blogger clients doesn't have plugins even it was orginally not available on desktop but on blogger prime developers added thier own plugins section for bloggers for better usage and benefits, Bogger Prime is similar to official blogger app with the little UI changes and advanced editor & plugins which are the main attractions of Blogger prime that are not available on any other blogger clients. 

However, When security and privacy is the first priority of yours then official blogger app should always be your choice because the blogger clients may contain virus, trojans, malwares etc if you install them from any un-verified unknown sources or you may able to see and get frequent bugs, errors etc on un-official blogger clients. 

Eventhough, Blogger Prime is un-official client of official blogger app that doesn't mean you shouldn't install it, it has gone through many security tests conducted by Google , After Blogger Prime messenger passed in all tests and security measurements then Blogger Prime was released on Google's Play Store so, it is easy & safe to install Blogger Prime on Android for free. 

In simple, Blogger Prime app is a un-official API based powerful blogger client that is integrated with advanced editor like on deskop version with numerous additional features and own plugins section, it is fast and secure that was developed by Ciber Citi to provide blog management app for Bloggers. 

• Blogger Prime Official Support •

Website :

- App Info - Google Play

• How to download Blogger Prime • 

You can download Blogger Prime from these platforms for free. 

Blogger Prime Key features with UI & UX Overview •

- Motivational Blogging Quotes. 


- It takes just one tap to sign in.

- POSTS - 

- Manage blog posts Create/ Update/ delete/ save as draft/ share.
- Create updates, posts, articles, photo -- anything!
- Save your ideas to draft and edit them again and again -- anywhere.
- Add Labels to help new readers discover your posts, and watch your audience grow.
- Filter and sort posts.
- Manage comments on each posts.


- Advanced editor to edit your posts.
- Add multiple images/ pictures to your posts.
- Set size to images in post.
- Add audio, video, links.
- Insert videos in post.
- HTML of your Posts in case you need it.
- Format and align text.
- Formatting: bold, underline, italics, colored background, colored text, different sized text, different fonts, images, and more!



- Manage comments of whole blog.
- Manage comments of each post.
- Delete, mark as spam, remove content.

- STATS - 

- Check your blog's stats to keep track of the activity on your blogs.
- Track which posts and pages get the most traffic over time by exploring weekly, monthly, and yearly insights.

- What's New -

New Seo Plugin
- New Voice Typing Plugin

Atlast, Blogger Prime is very useful client that have many amazing features which is similar to official blogger app without any big changes integrated with advanced editor and iconic own plugin section which is not available on any other blogger client on internet, so it's special feature on Blogger Prime packed with the original Blogger app simplicity & originality. If you have requirement of a Blogger client that was integrated with Advanced editor and plugins then Blogger Prime can be your New choice 

Overall, Blogger Prime is easy to use and one of the best official blogger client integrated with advanced editor that was perfect which is simple and clean user interface like almost original blogger app keeping simplicity at stake including that Blogger Prime developing own features like plugin sections due to that user interface is absolutely fantastic and user experience is cool like official Blogger app as of now Blogger Prime have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like to use for sure. 

Finally, This is Blogger Prime the Best Blogger client integrated with advanced editor & plugins available on Android, iOS, so do do you like it? If yes have you tried? If you are already user of Blogger Prime then do mention why you like Blogger Prime say us your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)