If you are familiar with crypto currencies you probably know about bitcoin it is the world's first decentralised virtual currency created by satoshi nakamoto in 2009 from then bitcoin price spiked up it's value like today it is one of the costliest and popular crypto coin in the world that means if you brought bitcoin in 2009 and hold in your wallet then you are billionaire now.

It is better late then never! You can still buy and sell bitcoin through trading using any crypto exchanges platforms we have many crypto exchanges in all countries but you have to choose one that suits for you like most traders choose a crypto exchange platform that charge low fees for buy, sell, trade and withdraw crypto coins to get good profits of thier crypto property.

Due to big competition between crypto trading platforms many crypto trading platforms conduct giveaways & provide free crypto currencies on new sign ups which will get them long terms usage of thier app from new members which is a mutual benefit for provider and user.

We recently found out many crypto trading apps that provides free crypto currencies on new sign ups but choosing the best one is necessary else you may get issues later because once you choose any trading app that must give you solid experience to use thier platform for long terms instead trying and switching to different trading apps will make you to do frequent withdrawals that can give negative effect on crypto profits.

In this scenario we excited to announce a crypto trading app that has low takers fee and give you ultimate solid experience to all traders with thier advanced features named coinDCX Go they currently giving 100 ruppes free btc for new sign ups but if you have to deposit 100 ruppess and buy any crypto coin you like unlock free 100 ruppess bitcoin in time of 30 days else the free 100 ruppess bitcoin will be lost. Are you interested do we got your attention?

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Website : coindcx.com

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How to download CoinDCX Go • 

It is very easy to download CoinDCX Go from these platforms for free.

How to signup on CoinDCX Go and get 100rs bitcoin for free with key features and UI / UX Overview • 

- Open CoinDCX Go App & Tap on SIGN UP

- Enter you Full Name, Phone number, Email ID, Password and tap on Sign up.

- Tap on Add bank details to add your bank details it is compulsory to make deposit.

- After that, in field of coupon code enter COINDCXGO or 4K100 and tap on apply to get 100rs worth of bitcoin added to your account.

- CONGRATULATIONS, Once you enter and apply coupon you will get this prompt.

- Free 100rs bitcoin will be shown in total portfolio value but it is locked to unlock the free bitcoin as we said earlier you have to deposit minimum 100rs and BUY any crypto coin you like.

- In Account, Tap on Add Funds

- Enter minimum 100rs and tap on Continue.

- In CoinDCX only Mobiqwik available, don't worry it is very easy to use, no kyc etc.

- if you have mobiqwik wallet cash then it is very easy to pay else you have to pay with debit or credit card sometimes there is errors with that method so try to visit mobiqwik website or install app then login and add cash from UPI or any payment method prior to pay easily on CoinDCX.

- Once cash added tap on Make Payment, it is simple like drawing a circle!

- Once added, it will take few seconds to add in your CoinDCX then go to Home and tap on any crypto coin you like.

- Tap on BUY

- Enter 100 or any amount that you want & tap on BUY BTC.

Done, You successfully registered and recieved free 100rs bitcoin on CoinDCX if you followed all the steps stated above then your free bitcoin is unlocked but to withdraw you need to wait 30 days from the day of signup to send it to your bank account or to different wallet address.

Atlast, CoinDCX Go is simple yet powerful crypto wallet and trading app that is very useful for newbies who just entered crypto world, This are just key features of CoinDCX you may get more features soon that makes it even more better, it's has all the features to work as crypto wallet & trading app but the only drawback in CoinDCX was you have to deposit 100rs and any crypto coin to unlock free bitcoin if they remove this restriction then CoinDCX will gain more audience.

Overall, CoinDCX Go is simple, clean, quick  fast, A+ grade security, user friendly crypto wallet and trading app to store & trade crypto currencies moneyit is very easy to use due to its simple user interface that gives clean user experience packed with the required features but we have to wait and see will BnsPay get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now BnsPay have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like to use for sure.

Moreover, crypto market is currently in big dump there is huge losses to traders for various reasons like some countries ban crypto currency and some countries like USA implying more taxes but If you are new traders want to invest or learn about crypto trading and market then it is right time to do investments like always crypto market may get profits in future if you have knowledge and patience but remember trading is subject to market risks, be careful.

FinallyThis is CoinDCX one of the best user friendly crypto wallet and trading app in India for free so, do you like it? If yes are using CoinDCX go then do say your experience also mention why you like CoinDCX Go in our comment section below, see ya :)