Reliance finally announced release date of thier long awaited product jio smartphone which is an collobaration between reliance jio and google to make low cost affordable 5g smartphone for india named Jio Phone Next it will be available in market on sept. 10 on auspicious day of ganesh chaturthi.

• Jio Phone Next Key Features •

- Voice Assistant
- Automatic Read Aloud
- Language Translation
- Google Assistant in your language
- Smart Camera With Augmented Filters
- Snapchat Lenses
- Translate Now
- Night Mode

I doubt reliance add flagship features in jio Phone Next but according to pre available images of jio Phone Next they seems like an optimised version of Android especially made for india it's like Android Go version but can't say it is Android Go because jio can't disappoint thier customers users.

But, user interface of Jio Phone Next looks like pure Android OS yet can't say exactly how different could be the OS until the launch but UI looks simple like that can give clean good experience to users that you may like to use for sure. Awesome!

• Reliance Jio 5G Services Soon In India •

Reliance Jio also announced full fledged 5g network in india which is future proof network architecture so that they can do some quick enhancements and upgrades to existing architecture and infrastructure to level up network range and speed in future for example : new 5g network is developed on top of 4g infrastructure.

We already seen 5g networks in USA, UK and china etc eventhough India was little late in 5g technology race, reliance trying thier best to launch affordable 5g service as fast as they can in india due to reliance jio 2g mukt bharat vision they were able to change millions of people from 2g to 4g and now they are working hard to drive india towards 5g technology.

Reliance Jio 5g Network Key Features •

- 100% home grown 5G Technology
- Stand Alone 5G Technology
- 1 Gbps Speed Test
- First To Launch 5G Network
- Seamless 4G to 5G upgrade
- 5G in Healthcare & Education
- Developed Expertise In AI

Atlast, Reliance beside Jio Phone Next and 5g Network they also announced Institute in Jamnagar and clarified regarding Saudi Aramco Partnership which will be finalised by the end of this year, including that Jio become top fixed broadband in india, this are the key highlights of 2021 44th AGM of reliance india.

Overall, Reliance is an amazing company that provides quality products for low price they always work hard for India's growth in all sectors, Jio Phone Next is interesting, reliance wants to bring affordable 5g phone to indian users with required features, I hope everything will work as expected, eagerly waiting to experience reliance jio's phone next and 5g network.

Moreover, Reliance already done fabulous revolutions with thier affordable 4g prices and low cost 4g jio keypad phones in india, now it is time for more revolutions in india with thier affordable Jio Phone Next & 5g network for developing and growing india, indian networks like idea, Airtel, vodafone was already in trouble with 4g network of jio this all new 5g network can get them more extreme troubles in future, isn't?

FinallyThis are long awaiting highlights and key announced of reliance jio, do you like Jio Phone Next and 5G? What do you think about them? which announcement of reliance excited you most? Do mention your opinion regarding them In our comment section below, see ya :)