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Opera GX - Browser For Gamers!

Opera GX - Browser For Gamers!

July 31, 2021 Tech Tracker
If you are familiar with java mobiles, you probably know opera browser from nokia to micromax every mobile company used to integrate opera browser as system app on its java powered mobiles as it is one of the best Java browser availabe at the time which no other java browser can defeat so due to opera browser java versions features & user functionality there are times people used to consider java phones are useless without pre-installed opera browser in it. But, when opera mini java version browser is in glorifying success, a china made java browser named UC kicked opera mini from java users favourite choice with it's blazing browsing & downloading speed Yes, Opera was struggling to beat UC browser interms of data speed eventhough opera tried thier best that didn't worked as UC browser mini java version already achieved the success with it's cloud server speed which reduces load time for webpages & video streaming upto 50 % included with geeky featur
Walrus -  Do Payments With India's First Neon Visa Card & Get Rewards Without Bank Account Made For Millenials And Genz!

Walrus - Do Payments With India's First Neon Visa Card & Get Rewards Without Bank Account Made For Millenials And Genz!

July 29, 2021 Tech Tracker
We are in digital era, and most developed and undeveloped countries working really super hard to digitalize thier people, india is not an exception, india improved alot in terms of digitalising people via numerous ways like promoting online payments and online bank opening process through KYC and many more from past few years india is in continuous progress to make india a digital india due to high Genz & Millenials population in india they got big advantage then any other country. India as part of digital india goal done alot of improvements in banking sector but the problem is people expecting some reward and cashbacks for doing online payments while most banks trying to provide reward & cashbacks for thier users yet banks give low cashbacks compared to UPI payment apps like Google Play so people switching from general bank payments to UPI apps to get some extra cashbacks and rewards. While, most UPI payment apps like Google Pay do not provide you any prepaid card
How To Buy SYL Tokens On PancakeSwap!

How To Buy SYL Tokens On PancakeSwap!

July 27, 2021 Tech Tracker
Everyday, Millions of new crypto tokens were created by people around the world using different technology standards but only few of them succeed due to various factors involved in crypto trading mainly traders invest in potential tokens which can grow in future like Bitcoin, Ethereum, doge, shib inu or baby doge these tokens were promoted frequently by PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk who once become richest person in the world last year. Elon Musk feels crypto currency is future he was already involved in many amazing future oriented projects like electric cars, reusable rockets, loop etc but due to his crypto currency interest he do tweets on crypto currency and crypto coins like bitcoin, Ethereum, doge and baby doge and even conduct giveaways through for all crypto lovers, due to his popularity people and crypto traders immediately buy tokens which were promoted by him that rapidly increase market cap of particular token in short time which is rea