Note : Boom Moon Token seems like scam, kindly don't invest in it * Thanks & best regards *

In crypto world, there are millions of coins and each coin have its own standards like ethereum based on ERC 10 & ERC 20, Tron based on TRC 10 & 20, BNB Binance smart chain based on BEP10 & BEP20 while BNB Binance smartchain is very popular due to its developer friendly coin standard people can easy make thier own token using BNB Binance smartchain in minutes.

Most entrepreneurs and people make thier own token using BNB Binance smartchain due to easy to deploy token with low gas / transaction fees like some popular tokens based on Binance smartchain was doge & shib inu which are frequently promoted by entrepreneur elonmusk on twitter account that pump the market cap of this Tokens like a rocket in short time.

But, Most Tokens based on BNB Binance smart chain are in high supply which make tokens less valuable compared to tokens which have low supply eventhough there are low supply tokens available on BSC Binance Smartchain choosing the best low supply crypto token can get you good profits in long term due to high demand for low supply crypto currencies will always stay.

However, High supply coins or tokens can get you good profits in short time if you do high investments with high risk and coins and tokens will be valuable in long run but it can't be guaranteed but when it comes to low supply crypto coins & tokens it will have more value due to that investors will have low risk so they can get  big profits in long terms for sure.

In this scenario, if you want best crypto coin that have potential to grow in future like doge, shib, baby doge, we found a crypto token based on Binance smartchain created by team of entrepreneurs named Boom Moon that have only 4000 tokens of total supply while half the supply was already purchased by investors In pre sale which increases market cap and value of boom moon tokens.

Yes, Boom Moon have a total supply of 4000 tokens while in 1st pre- sale 500 tokens were already distributed with price of 50$, right now pre sale 2 is on going with minimum buy of 30$ is required and 1 Boom Moon Token is priced at 60$, interestingly Boom Moon Token is already listed on PancakeSwap with value of 1 BMT Boom Moon Token is 140$ +, amazing isn't ? so are you interested to buy Boom Moon Token in pre-sale 2 ? If yes let's know little more information before wet started.

Boom Moon (BEP20) is a decentralized exchange running on BSC Binance Smart Chain, with numerous features that let you earn & win tokens. With Boom Moon you can easily swap BEP-20 tokens. Our platform is fast, cheap, and anyone can use it.

• [ BMT ] Boom Moon Token Official Support •

How To Buy BMT Boom Moon Token in Pre-Sale •

- Go to and tap on BUY BMT

- Tap on copy address and send 30$ BNB, BUSD, BUSD-T to get 0.5 Boom Moon Token or send 60$ to get 1 Boom Moon Token from Trust Wallet, Meta Mask, Safepal, I'm Token wallet, Atomic Wallet.

- Don't send BNB, BUSD, BUSD-T from Exchanges to avoid loss of your token.

- Once you sent 30$ or 60$ worth of BNB / BUSD / BUSD-T to copied address, Boom Moon Token (BMT) token will distributed upon the confirmation immediately.

How to send 30$ or 60$ worth of BNB to Boom Moon Token To Get 0.5 or 1.0 BMT token using Trust Wallet • 

App Info Google Play -

• How to install Trust Wallet

It is very easy to download Trust Wallet from these platforms for free.

- Open Trust Wallet & Tap on Send 

- Tap on Smartchain

- Copy and paste deposit address that we earlier copied from

- Deposit Address - 


- BNB prices will change frequently so use bnb convertor to calculate currency market price of BNB before you transfer to deposit address.

- Once, you tap on CONTINUE, you have to confirm transaction, I have insufficient [ BNB ] smart chain balance so I can't procced with transaction, if you have 30$ or 60$ worth of BNB you can easily complete transaction by just one click tap on CONFIRM..

- Once you successfully send 30$ or 60$ worth of BNB, BUSD, BUSD-T, you will instantly get Boom Moon Token in your personal wallet, as here we shown you example of Trust Wallet.

YAY, You successfully learned how to buy Boom Moon Token in pre-sale.

• How To Add Boom Moon Token In Trust Wallet Using Contract Details  •

Open Trust Wallet and Tap on =

- Scroll down & Tap on + Add Custom Token

Tap on Ethereum >

Tap on Smart Chain

- Contract Details -


- Token Name : Boom Moon Token

Symbol : BMT

Decimal : 18

- Copy and paste the above details in the relevant blocks and tap on DONE

• Boom Moon Token Key Features •

- Crypto Trade/Exchange, The exchange platform is an automated market maker (AMM) that enables two tokens to be exchanged on the Binance Smart Chain. Tokens are exchanged immediately, cheap and very secure.

- Crypto Staking - 

By staking your BEP20 tokens using crypto staking platform allows Binance smartchain  distributing some of their tokens to BEP20 holders to earn rewards in other tokens.

- Crypto Lottery -

Buy lottery tickets with your BEP20 tokens and win huge crypto jackpot when your numbers match with winning ticket.

- Initial Farm Offerings -

 Use your BEP20-BNB LP tokens to buy new tokens offered for sale by other start-up projects. After sale finish - project get BNB tokens, you get project tokens and BEP20 will be burned.

• Boom Moon Token Road Map •

- 2021 Q1 -

- Project Planning & Development
- Team Build

- 2021 Q3 - 

- PancakeSwap Listing ( Already Done )
- BoomMoon DEX Launch
- Lauch Staking Platform
- Hotbit listing

• 2022 Q1 - 

- Atleast 10 Exchange Listing Complete
- Mainnet Launch
- White Paper 2.0 Launch
- Team Face Revealed

Note : Boom Moon paused trading in pancakeswap as pre sale round 2 is going on they will resume trading in pancakeSwap again after completing presale Round 2.

Atlast, this is incredible crypto coin that has superb potential growth in future, you can now participate in pre sale to get tokens at lower price, this is an excellent opportunity that you must utilise to gain profits in long run, if you are a long term crypto investor than Boom Moon tokens can be very useful to you.

Overall, Boom Moon Token buying in pre sale is very simple and easy due to the website simple, quick fast, dark, newbie friendly user interface that gives clean  clean user experience packed with the necessary features, we have to wait & see will Boom Moon Token get any major UI upgrades in future to make it even more better, as of now all it has fine basic user interface and user experience which you may like to use for once.

Moreover, it is worth to mention 35% of fund raised will be locked in Pancakeswap liquidity. Also 50% will be used to list in Hotbit, Mercatos and later in Binance etc. And 15% will be used to BuyBack Boom Moon Token (BMT) tokens once the Presale end, Boom Moon strategy will make the price to boom and prevent from dumping. Woohoo!

FinallyDON'T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY TO BUY BOOM MOON TOKEN IN PRE SALE, it is definitely worth, hold boom moon token for long term and get huge profits, Boom Moon Token already listed on pancakeSwap with worth of 140$ +, even if you buy 1 Boom Moon Token for 60$ you will get double profit instantly, they are working hard to make 1 Boom Moon Token to 500$ very soon, Do you like it? If you have Boom Moon tokens already say your opinion on Boom Moon in our comment section below, see ya :)