We have numerous crypto currency wallets available on Android & iOS but most crypto wallets do not provide staking or exchange options in thier app due to that people who want to stake or exchange definately must have to rely on various exchanges to swap thier crypto coins or tokens which is surely little drawback that require little additional work yet it can done easily & effortlessly.

But, some people doesn't like to register themselves on exchanges due to privacy and anonymity purposes due to that they are in search of best crypto wallet which has the options to swap thier crypto coins or tokens and do crypto staking In the app itself over relying on various exchanges.

In this scenario, we have a workaround we we found a crypto wallet that have staking and exchange options for all users named klever wallet developed by Tron it is simple and powerful, smart, secured user-friendly crypto wallet for crypto maniacs who want to do most crypto stuff in wallet itself over depending exchanges.

• Klever Wallet Official Support •

Website : Klever.io

- App Info - Google Play / App Store

How to download Klever Wallet • 

It is very easy to download Klever Wallet from these platforms for free.

Klever Wallet key features with UI / UX Overview

- Foremost, Open Klever Wallet and setup to copy & store your wallet backup phrase.

- Once you done, here in wallet you can check portfolio of all crypto currencies.

- Tap on any crypto currency, here you can check balance, send, recieve, scan, charge and buy crypto currency easily.

- Tap on $ Here you can swap crypto currency.

- Right now, you can only do staking for tron crypto currency, other crypto coins not supported, they may add soon.

- left, you have cool DApp Browser.

- In news, you can check latest information about numerous crypto currencies.

Atlast, klever Wallet is decentralized p2p and self-custody wallet putting the private keys in the hands of users so Klever team can't access user funds, yes klever wallet private keys is encrypted with secured architecture which utilize latest military grade technology including that klever wallet is optimised for mobile payments which is amazing.

Overall, Klever is simple, clean, quick and fast crypto wallet to store you crypto coin or tokens property securely it is very easy to use due to its simple user interface that gives clean user experience packed with the required features but we have to wait and see will Klever Wallet get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Klever Wallet have fine user interface and user experience that you may like to use for sure. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention Klever is one of the very few crypto wallets which provide staking and exchange in thier app itself unlike some outdated crypto wallets Yes, Indeed so, if you are searching for an good crypto wallet is packed with numerous features then we suggest you to choose Klever Wallet it is an excellent choice that has potential to become your new favorite. 

FinallyThis is Klever one of the best crypto wallet app to stake tron, exchange 1000's of crypto coins and tokens so, do you like it? If yes are using Klever wallet? If you are already using Klever wallet then do say your experience also mention why you like Klever Wallet our comment section below, see ya :)