We are in digital era, and most developed and undeveloped countries working really super hard to digitalize thier people, india is not an exception, india improved alot in terms of digitalising people via numerous ways like promoting online payments and online bank opening process through KYC and many more from past few years india is in continuous progress to make india a digital india due to high Genz & Millenials population in india they got big advantage then any other country.

India as part of digital india goal done alot of improvements in banking sector but the problem is people expecting some reward and cashbacks for doing online payments while most banks trying to provide reward & cashbacks for thier users yet banks give low cashbacks compared to UPI payment apps like Google Play so people switching from general bank payments to UPI apps to get some extra cashbacks and rewards.

While, most UPI payment apps like Google Pay do not provide you any prepaid card to do payments, so user first must connect to thier bank account or add his own debit or credit card provided by bank in order to do payments which is an issue for some who doesn't have a bank account including that UPI payment apps surely reduced the rage of giving rewards and cash backs from the past few months as they gained enormous huge audience already due to cash backs & rewards they got prior years so numerous  people mainly tech savy Millenials & Genz are in search for a alternative to UPI apps that can provide big rewards & cash backs.

In this scenario, we got this new in town pre-paid payment apps for teenagers and people who do not have thier own bank accounts or any debit cards to do online payments using this pre-paid payment apps user will get free virtual debit card & earn exclusive rewards and cash backs on every payment.

Yes, Pre-paid payments are better then UPI payment apps but we have numerous pre-paid payment apps available out there on internet so you have to choose the best one else you choose issues later this is why we found one of the best pre-paid payment app named Walrus that has India's first neon signature card powered by Visa, Walrus can give good rewards for every payment done through thier app included with UPI payment support for seamless experience. Do we got your attention? Are you ready to start your new online payment journey with Walrus? If yes let's know little more info about Walrus to get started!

Walrus is redefining the banking experience of online & offline payments for Gen-Z and Millenials by enabling easy payments for teens with 100% security all without a bank account so You can easily start making payments to your favourite merchants across India after completing your KYC in just 2 mins which is pretty quick.

• Walrus Official Support • 

Website : walrus.club

- App Info = Google Play

• How to download Walrus •

It is very easy to download Walrus from these platforms for free.

• How to register on Walrus & do KYC to  earn rewards and cashbacks by playing games or by doing payments •

- Open Walrus

- Tap on NEXT

- Again, Tap on Next

- once more, Tap on NEXT


 - Enter your Mobile Number & Tap on Get OTP

- Now, you will recieve a 6 digit OTP from Walrus to your mobile number, check your sms inbox & find message from Walrus & acknowledge the OTP you got & enter the OTP here and  tap on Submit.

- Enter your First Name, Last Name, and check the box ✓ to agree with Terms and conditions then tap on Proceed.

- Enter your Email, Select your date of birth & gender and again check the box to agree walrus terms & conditions then tap on sign up to do KYC in next step.

- You can also skip kyc, but if you want to do kyc now itself, select identity card and enter the identity card number and check the box to confirm details are correct then tap on Proceed.

- Enter your Address line 1 & 2, Pincode, City, State and Tap on Proceed

- You will get KYC Verification Secret OTP code to your mobile number, check your sms inbox & find the message received from Walrus, kindly acknowledge 6 digit OTP & enter it here then check the box to agree Transcorp, Walrus, MIN KYC terms and conditions & Tap on Create Account

- Congratulations, Your KYC is done, Tap on Let's go

- Welcome, You're in Walrus, Tap on Let's go

- Your virtual debit card is ready, tap on Proceed

- You can purchase India's first walrus Neon prepaid physical card powered by Visa on app which has numerous benefits
which you can even purchase later but if you want now itself tap on Order it now

- Enter name on the front of the card, and select font then tap on Looks Good

- Enter name on the back of the card and then tap on Proceed

- Enter your address line 1, 2, Pincode, City, State & Tap on Procced to get Walrus debit
Card to your Home or resident address.

- You're In walrus home, tap on swipe down for free virtual card details.

where you can add money, check free Virtual Card details & do payments.

- If you want to earn rewards by playing games then tap on gift box icon.

- Tap on the product you want to earn by playing games.

- You can only play one game, cricket all you need to is just throw balls, you will get 12 ball throws per day, you cannot control bat, runs are randomised!

- In 12 ball throws, you many get wcoins, walrus bitcoins or products like PS5 etc.

- Go back & Tap on My Rewards to check the rewards you got by playing games.

- In my rewards, you can check the rewards you got from playing game, just incase you may wonder what is Walrus bitcoins.

- Walrus have a bitcoin backed cashback, Walrus Bitcoins derived their price from the actual bitcoin price so if bitcoin price increases so do your cashback’s value

Walrus Key Features With UI / UX Overview •

- Easy payments with Walrus - 

- Send money to and request money from anyone across India
- Super-fast payments with 100% safe and secure payment methods
- Get your own FREE personalized card for making online payments on your favourite merchants
- Order India’s first Neon signature card, powered by VISA and make offline payments all over India.

- Complete control of your card -

- Control your payment options and limit by just a single click
- You can enable or disable your E-com/POS/Tap & Pay transactions
- Lock/Block your card instantly in case of theft or emergency
- Control your spend limit on the app itself

- Get bitcoin-backed cashback! - 

- Earn bitcoin-backed Walrus Bitcoins which derive their price from the actual bitcoin price
- So if bitcoin price increases so do your cashback’s value.

- Get rewarded for every rupee spent - 

- Earn up to 2X Wcoins for every rupee you spent through your Walrus card - the best-prepaid card for teenagers and students
- Use them to win rewards like PS5, Sony headphones, Netflix, Amazon & Hotstar subscription, Jabra Elite Earbuds, Noise Pro 3 smartwatch, Fitbit and many more amazing discounts and offers! 

- 100% safe and secure app - 

- We use industry-leading security in our app to protect your data at all times.
- Your details are securely stored with our payment processing partner using bank-grade encryption.
- Walrus Card comes with an EMV Chip and PIN
- Automated blocked categories to prevent unsafe spending
- Lock or block your card instantly from the app incase it is lost or stolen
- State-of-the-art SSL encryption
- Your sensitive information is encrypted with the highest encryption standards.

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of Walrus there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, Walrus is one of the best and easy payments app So if you want easy to use payments app alternative to UPI payment apps then Walrus is definitely a worthy choice.

Overall, Walrus is quick and fast payments app for new age banking experience, it is very easy to use due to its simple and dark well crafted user interface which gives you clean and awesome user experience but we have to wait and see will Walrus get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Walrus have perfect user interface and user experience that you may like to use for sure. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention again walrus is india's first producer of neon prepaid card powered by Visa to do payments and earn amazing rewards and cashbacks, Yes, Indeed so, if you are searching payments app to get virtual debit card or alternative to UPI payment apps or if you don't have bank account  then we suggest you to prefer and choose Walrus it is an excellent choice that has potential to become your new favorite.

FinallyThis is Walrus, A payments app that provide you virtual debit card and UPI support to do online and offline payments and shopping without a bank account so, do you like it? If yes? Are you an existing user of Walrus? If you are an existing user of Walrus do say your experience with walrus  & mention which features you like the most in it in our comment section below, see ya :)