Movies are our part of daily entertainment, people likely depending on movies to relax thier mood and crunch up thier boredom, it is now possible to watch movies from alot of countries in numerous genres based on your taste due to digital technology so it is important to discover movies that you may like and watchlist them to keep in track so that you will able to save time & enjoy.

However, it is little hard to discover movies that you like & watchlist them but it is now possible to easily discover, find streaming services and watchlist movies by utilising movie assistant apps which can find, gather and filter movies based on your  preferences and settings like you can search based on genre, rating, country, year, popularity etc even find & gather movies of particular actors or crew.

But, the issue with some movie assistant apps was they lack some features which are important and some movie assistant apps are not up to mark that can satisfy which may have bugs or errors with bad user interface & user experience so it is always very important to choose best movie assistant app especially if you recently watching movies so that you won't face issues later.

In this scenario, we have a workaround we found a movie assistant app that can find streaming services, discover, manage and watchlist movies with numerous awesome features named AVA - movie assistant which is currently only available on Google Play Store for android but they may launch on App Store for iOS soon.

• AVA - Movie Assistant Official Support •

- App Info - Google Play

• How to download AVA - Movie Assistant 

It is very easy to download AVA - Movie Assistant from these platforms for free.

• AVA - Movie Assistant key features with UI / UX Overview •

- Open AVA - Movie Assistant, you will get some intro of key features. Tap on NEXT >

- Discover Movies, Tap on Next.

- Keep an overview, Tap on Next

- Streaming Services, Tap on NEXT

- You can migrate and import data from IMDb & if have are existing user of them else you can restore backup of ava if you are doing re-setup, else tap on SKIP

- In home, we have Discover, My Movies, Watchlist, Explore, Genres, Lists, People options which you can access.

- In Discover, you can find movies based on not watched, favorites, high rating and genres, years etc.

- In my movies, you can add movies that you watched already.

- In watchlist, you can add movies that you didn't watched and save it to watch later.

- Lists, you can personal movie list.

- In People, you can find popular actors and actresses movies thier movies and Wikipedia whom you can add to your favourite lists.

- You can search for movies, through people, tags etc.

- In menu, we have common same options which we seen prior in home.

- Settings, 

When you find and tap on movie you will get all this below options to explore more.

- In details, you can check full details of movie where you can add to your watchlist or my movies, lists, give ratings etc.

- In people, you can check movie crew.

- In links, you can find streaming services links where the particular movie available.

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of AVA - Movie Assistant there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, so if you want best movie assistant app then AVA is free and definitely a worthy choice to use.

Overall, AVA is quick, fast, simple, useful feature packed movie assistant app it is very easy to use due to its clean and user friendly interface which gives you amazing user experience but we have to wait and see will AVA get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now AVA have perfect user interface that you may like to use for sure.

Moreover, it is worth to mention AVA - Movie Assistant app has over 650,000 movie database and it is important to clarify AVA do not store and analyse user data Yes Indeed so, if you are searching for such movie assistant app then we suggest you to prefer and choose AVA it is an excellent that has potential to become your new favorite.

Finally, This is AVA - a Movie Assistant app 
developed by Ava Mobile. The company is set in M√ľnster, Germany and consists of a small team, so, do you like it? If yes? Are you an existing user of AVA? If yes do say your experience with AVA & mention why you like AVA in our comment section below, see ya :)