Most people usually like to watch, read, & hear latest news around the world from tv, news paper & radio while some people like to check news to gain knowledge or to use it for educational purposes & some people check news as part of thier enthusiasm & hobby etc due to latest technologies that we have in 20th century it has become to easy for anyone to write & share news to the world on internet.

Yes, you don't need TV, news paper, radio to get or share news to people around the world in today's digital era, all you need is latest generation mobile with fast internet to rock and roll as you like in digital life but eventhough it is now simple to get news around the world in few taps on internet due to advanced technologies yet people become lazy to read full news whatever could be the reasons due to this the trend and rise of in short news websites & apps has been started.

In short news websites & apps will provide relevant information in single page with byte sized brief information for those who don't want or like to spend long time on reading lengthty news but the problem with most in short news websites & apps was they enable ads, provide useless content, paid / premium memberships, poorly designed user interface etc which will distract viewers.

In this scenario, we have a workaround we found one of the most useful, clutter-free, ad-free, zero payment required in short news app that provide relevant top stories, news from trusted sources around the world named briefly by Bildx that can give you joyful news reading experience on the go, so are you interested in Briefly? If yes let's know little more info about Briefly to get started.

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It is very easy to download Briefly from these platforms for free.

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- You'll get summarised in short news, tap on read to get full news, or scroll down to get more news from around the world.

- Once the content is loaded, you can read news later even when offline.

- You can check source Information like website, email and phone number.

In menu, you can check bookmarks, news feed, share briefly app, provacy, about us.

Atlast, Briefly provides news and events from top sourses like The Hindu, Guardian, CNN, Hindustan Times, Times of India, while technology is from Engadget, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Wired, Sports : ESPN,, CBS, Travel : National Geographic, Lonely Planet and many more top sources will be added in near future. Stay tuned!

Overall, Briefly is quick and fast news app, it is very easy to use due to its simple well crafted user interface which gives you clean and simple user experience but we have to wait and see will Briefly get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Briefly have perfect intuitive user interface & user experience that you may like to use for sure. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention Briefly send you hand-picked recommendations for movies, TV series, and documentaries every once in a while, including that most importantly through briefly you will get a wide array of quality content along with stunning visuals for news, politics, travel, technology, health, sports, music, movies, games, and more. Video links are also added for some enriching stories for clean reading experience.

Finally, Briefly team of curators carefully delivers to you the most informative and enriching content news to you android device for free to save your time, so, do you like it? If yes? Are you an existing user of Briefly? If you are an existing user of Briefly do say your experience with Briefly & mention why you like Briefly in our comment section below, see ya :)