If you want to add watermark to images, it is little hard task because you need to use apps or software to do the work and it will take alot of time if you have many images and numerous watermark adding apps or software require you to have little skill as most of them don't support adding water mark automatically which mean you have to apply watermark manually for each and every image which can be problematic.

So, people who were unable to add thier own watermark on images they are hiring freelancers to do the job or many people working day and night to add watermarks on thier images using water-mark adding apps or softwares which are feature less and most of them are little hard to use for non-technical persons.

However, due to latest technologies that we have today like A.I it became to easy, anyone can add thier watermark on the images automatically using A.I artificial intelligence but there is one drawback most websites, apps and softwares have watermark adding facility do not use this A.I technology so users have to do every step manually and repeat them to add watermark to images successfully.

Eventhough, most watermark adding apps, websites, softwares do not have & support artificial intelligence which is definitely a drawback but don't worry we have good news there is an alternative to watermark adding apps, websites, softwares, yes you may know telegram is popular social messaging app especially made for people who care about thier privacy and security and if you are user of telegram then you may probably know it is hub of thousands of amazing useful bots.

In telegram, we have few bots created by developers to add watermark to images automatically with numerous features through cloud using thier bot technology but there is an issue if you are expecting to add watermark to images for free then we like to notify you most watermark adding or telegram bots are paid but incase if you are willing to pay few bucks then this watermark adder telegram bots can provide splendid experience without problems and issues.

But, as we said earlier we have very few watermark adding bots availabe on the Telegram so you have to choose the best and simple one else you may face issues later, so in this scenario we have an easy and simple workaround we found the best watermark adder telegram bot with this username : @WMarkProBot.

@WMarkProBot provide 3 days free trail with limitations like 3 photos, one video and gif per day but the 3 day free trail help and let you explore the features of bot but after 3 days you must have to pay certain amount for premium plans to use the bot, we will mention the premium plans pricing of @WMarkProBot below which removes limitations, unlock more features and provide external benefits.

@WMarkProBot premium plans will let you add watermark to unlimited images, gifs & videos but the size limit even in premium plans for video or gif is 20mb, the bot developer stated : Watermarking larger files will be possible in future when the developer upgrade servers and it is very important to mention there is storage limit in every premium plan which means if you utilised your quota for the premium plan then you can increase storage quota by purchasing quota plans, Now let's see @WMarkProBot premium plans.

• @WMarkProBot Premium Plans •

- 1 month + 500MB watermark quota [ 4.99$ ]
- 3 months + 1500MB watermark quota [ 11.99$ ]
- 6 months + 3000MB watermark quota [ 17.99$ ]
- 12 months + 6000MB watermark quota [ 23.99$ ]

• @WMarkProBot quota increase options •

- 500MB [ 1.99$ ]
- 1000MB [ 11.99$ ]
- 3000MB [ 9.99$ ]
- 6000MB [ 23.99$ ]

Note : you can choose and go for your preffered premium plan or quota option based on your requirement, and the bot developer accepts @WMarkProBot paypal and cryptocurrency payments only but do remember once you send the money either through paypal or cryptocurrency you must have to message the bot developer @TheBotSupporter with your telegram userid along with your purchase details, and another important info incase if you are paying through cryptocurrency then you must have to double the amount and pay which means CryptoCurrency payment is little costlier, so if you have PayPal then prefer this, after all if you interested this bot we like to provide payment details right below, do check it out.

- @WMarkProBot Payment Methods •

- PayPal 

- Bitcoin 

- Litecoin 


- Ethereum 


- Tether


Note : To pay in other crypto currencies, kindly contact @TheBotSupporter, now do we got your attention on @WMarkProBot, are you interested in @WMarkProBot, if you are willing to pay for premium plans, let's know little more info about this @WMarkProBot before we mention  utilisation procedure, 

• @WMarkProBot Official Support •

• How to use @WMarkProBot to add watermark to your images, videos & gifs •

- Go to @WMarkProBot on telegram and tap on START

- Tap on Logos management

- Tap on New logo, In @WMarkProBot you can only add upto 4 logos.

- Now, send your logo to bank, it's better to send logo that have transparent background, if you don't have logo you may use @Robomizbot, just send desired text to that bot it will create logo for you which you can customise using tools, once don't forward to to @WMarkProBot.

- Once logo sent to bot, it will be received, then  you can adjust opicity, rename logo, customize marigin, change size ratio or remove / delete logo.

- Tap on Settings to enable automatic watermarking on this bot.

- Tap on Automate the watermarking process

- select the logo that you want to automate

- select the default automatic watermarking position.

- Your automatic watermarking logo is activated, Tap on OK

- Now, send any image, @WMarkProBot will automatically add watermark.

- For example : this is sample one.

- Tap on Watermark to edit your watermark if you have requirement.

- You can remove logo or add different one from added logos by single tap.

- you can even change logo position by single tap on your desired logo. That's it.

Woohoo, you successfully learned to automatically add watermark on images, videos and gifs using @WMarkProBot

Atlast, This are just highlighted and reviewed key features of @WMarkProBot there may be many not reviewed hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you want best telegram watermarking bot then we suggest you  @WMarkProBot that can be a worthy choice.

Overall, @WMarkProBot is quick, simple, easy and fast,  it is very easy to use due to its clean, user friendly mechanism and  interface which gives you intuitive user experience but we have to wait & see will @WMarkProBot get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now @WMarkProBot have perfect user interface that you may like to use for sure.

Moreover, it is worth to mention @WMarkProBot is one of the very few watermarking bots availabe on telegram and the main advantage and speciality of @WMarkProBot is it support watermarking to videos, gifts to, yes indeed incase if you are searching for such watermarking bot then @WMarkProBot has the potential to become your new favorite.

Finally, This is @WMarkProBot a telegram watermarking bot, according to us this is the best and most useful bot we ever seen on telegram, kudos to the developer, so do you like it? Are you an existing user of @WMarkProBot if yes do share your experience and mention why you like @WMarkProBot in our comment section below, see ya :)