If you are facing slow download speed for files then probably there will be numerous reasons behind it like slow internet speed and server speed limit or your browser issue as most browsers don't divide the file into multiple parts instead download it in single file which cause slow download speed so to tackle this issue you have to use download managers that have feature to divide download files into multiple parts and download them which will increase download speed immensely but some servers not allow multiple parts support which is another issue.

However, if you worrying about your file download speed then I was pleased to say we can fix slow download speed but to fix that we have to first fix your internet speed so for that first you need setup best APN for your network on your device then we need to use such VPN which can increase internet speed by simultaneously providing security after that we have to use two telegram bots while one of them will download file for you and another one will provide best download speed link which is awesome after that we have to use best download manager that can provide best possible download speed so using this all can get you thrice file download speed on your smartphone.

Incase, if you are super excited to know which APN, VPN, telegram bots and download manager that I mentioned earlier, now I will mention thier names first APN is network specific so first search for best APN for your network on internet and setup it in your network settings - APN, it will different for each operating system.

Then we need to use Cloudflare VPN to increase your internet speed after that we have to use this telegram bots, kindly send your download link to @urluploadxbot which will automatically download file for you in cloud and provide you the file, once you get the file from @urluploadxbot which will not use your internet as everything will be done in cloud on telegram.

When you get the file from @urluploadxbot forward it to this bot @PublicURL_bot which will provide good download link for best download speed which you need to copy and utilise in 1DM which is the best download manager available on internet to get thrice file download speed absolutely for free, cool right!

If you think the process seems little complicated then I like to mention it's damn easy, I will guide you on how to increase your internet speed using cloudflare VPN which mutually increase download speed then utilise this telegram bots @urluploadxbot and @PublicURL_bot and 1DM - download manager, kindly just follow each & every step that we provided below to do it successfully. before we get started let's know little more info before we get started.

- App Info - Google Play -

• How to download Cloudflare VPN •

It is very easy to download Cloudflare VPN from these platforms for free.

- App Info - Google Play -

• How to download 1DM •

It is very easy to download 1DM from these platforms for free.

- 1DM+ : Paid Version 

• How to increase file download speed •

- After setup of best APN on your network, open Cloudflare VPN & connect it, then on 

- Select WARP, you can also opt for WARP+ to get more and better internet speed then WARP but it is paid.

- Now go to @urluploadxbot

- Send your file download link, it ask you to choose default name or rename, you can rename if you want, select according to your requirement.

- the file will be downloaded and uploaded to telegram using URL Uploader X bot

- Now forward the file that you got from @urluploadxbot to @PublicURLbot

- @PublicURLbot will generate a link for your file, just tap on Download link and copy it or open using 1DM.

- In 1DM tap on browser icon.

- Tap on Search

- Tap on your copied link and it will search.

- Now, you can download file just tap on START

- We got 1.06 Mbps download speed just in the beginning, I could only get 350 kbps without doing all setup but after doing all this I can get upto 6 Mbps or more.

- if your network is good without all the setup then yoh get upto 10 to 20 Mbps download speed. 

YAY, you just learned how to increase download speed on your device for free.

Atlast, this is how you can increase download speed of files for free, it is geniune and legit method, that can increase your internet and download speed thrice, so if you want fast internet and download speed then we suggest you to follow our procedure above, Im sure you will sense big change in download speed for sure, as we tested this method personally, we surely recommend it.

Overall, this is like all in one package to get best download speed, I doubt if there is any other method or trick that is better then this to get best file download speed, its simple and easy so do apply this method that we said above step by step correctly, you will get best download speed experience for sure, in future we may get better speed download link from @PublicURLbot to make this even more enjoyable for sure in future.

Moreover, it is worth to mention that is very important using @urluploadxbot bot you can only download files upto 2GB as telegram limited upload size limit so for that we can't do anything, and 1DM is not available for iOS so if you are an iOS user try to find some other download manager, except this issues everything is fine, yes indeed if you are looking for a workaround to fix file download speed then try our trick it has potential to become your favourite.

Finally, this is best, simple, legit and easy method to increase file download speed on your smartphone for free using apps available on Google Play and Apps Store so you will get security as all the apps are scanned by Google and Apple, so do you like it, what do you think about this method? Have you tried it? If yes say us your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)