Most people know Google do magic and miracles with it's software and apps, they will improve hardware with it's software, for example : pixel smartphone cameras may not be able to compete with sony smartphone camera in hardware level but Google made a camera app named Gcam which uses various algorithms to get good picture, even improve night mode in such way that no other smartphone can beat it.

When Google Gcam was unvieled to public it mesmerized all smartphone users and developers, at first it is only available for pixel phones but with the help of talented developers they were able to port Gcam to other devices with alot of hardwork adding additional features on Snapdragon devices only as it is developer friendly processor so they didn't show much attention on Mediatek devices, I'm not sure about the exact reason but they say mediatek proccesor are not developer friendly and it's not easy to make Gcam port of it.

If you own a mediatek device and incase if you tried to install GCam in it but it will not work because most developers only made GCam ports for snapdragon devices, so if you install Gcam port or mod that is made for Snapdragon devices on mediatek then it won't work due to numerous reason and main reason will be processor differences but few Gcam port developers also added support for mediatek devices in thier port version of GCam which is appreciated, so you may able to install Gcam that is made and supported for mediatek devices.

However, when we tried to install some of the mediatek supported Gcam ports in our Tecno Pova which is an Mediatek powered device with G80 proccessor but there is no success most Gcam ports availabe for the mediatek devices that we tried to install in Tecno Pova doesn't work with issues like blackscreen and force stop but we didn't stopped our search for GCam that can be supported by Tecno Pova.

In continuous search for GCam that may work in Tecno Pova, we are glad that we found a Gcam Go mod version working perfectly in Tecno Pova, if you don't know about Gcam go it is a lighter version of GCam orginal version with less size and limited in features but does it all matter atleast we got one Google's Gcam that is working for Tecno Pova that is a mediatek device so it may also work in other devices that are powered by mediatek.

This GCam Go mod is created by the well known Gcam ports developer Greatness, so the name of this GCam is Gcam go v1 by Greatness and the main speciality and advantage of this GCam Go mod version is unlike other orignal GCam ports where you need to add or restore XML files to config but here in Gcam Go mod you don't need to do such things, you just need to simply install Gcam Go mod in your Tecno Pova after downloading like you do with other apps, so it's very easy and simple. So do we got your attention? Are you interested to install Gcam Go Mod V1 - Greatness in your Tecno Pova? If yes let's know little more info before we begin.

Note : this software mentioned here was developed by some third party developers is in public domain, we don't own and there is no connection with them, the information and references with sources about the modified and changed software provided here is for information and demonstration purposes only which is legal and comes under freedom of press, if you are legitimate owner of this software and effected by this in anyway then kindly we suggest you to contact rightful owner and host of this software to resolve matters, I just shown this software working process and structures, hope you mind it.

• How to download Tecno Pova •

It is very easy to download Gcam Go Mod V1 by Greatness from the platform for free.

• How To Install GCam Go Mod V1 by Greatness on your Tecno Pova with key features and UI / UX Overview •

- After downloading Gcam-Go-Greatness v1.apk, just tap on it. Before that kindly allow unknown sources in settings.

- Tap on INSTALL

- Tap on OPEN

- All all permissions required like storage, location, etc.

- Now you can explore Gcam and feel the essense of Google Gcam and it's magic.

- In Google Go, Potriat, Photo, Video and Translate only available, No night mode which is big dissapointed.

- Atleast we have translate mode.

- Video record option, will show you how much time you have for recording based on your storage space availability.

- Flash, Face Enhance, Detail Enhance HDR availabe, while flash not working which is another drawback.

- HDR options.

- Potriat mode, Satisfactory!

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of GCam Go Mod V1 by Greatness there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you really want GCam for tecno Pova then GCam Go Mod V1 by Greatness can be a worthy choice.

Overall, GCam Go Mod V1 by Greatness has no bugs or issues but it is not comparable with the default camera of Tecno Pova where in default system camera of Tecno Pova you'll get better picture quality with alot more features, however Gcam Go Mod V1 by Greatness is simple, clean and fast which provide user friendly experience.

Moreover, it is worth to mention if you really want GCam then GCam Go Mod V1 by Greatness is the only choice available to install for Tecno Pova else Tecno Pova system default camera is good enough for good photography which also have night mode, so incase if you found any other better Gcam port or mod working for Tecno Pova then notify us in comment section and help other users, will appreciate that for sure.

Finally, This is working GCam for Tecno Pova, thanks to Greatness, if you have any problem with it do mention in comment section, we will try to help you, so do you like it? If yes why you like Gcam Go mod V1 Greatness, do say us in our comment section below, see ya :)