We are in digital world, every day millions of computers & mobile devices exploited by hackers for fun or personal gains so it is very important to safeguard and protect your data on your mobile devices else you may loose valuable data to hackers which may cause personal & career problems & yeah financial losses as well.

we have numerous VPN apps available for mobile devices either powered by Android or iOS but most of them are very basic and simple VPN apps which do provide little security but most general VPN apps don't have external features that can provide maximum security and privacy to the user which is surely a drawback.

In this scenario, we have a workaround we found an open source VPN app named InviZible Pro developed by Garmatin Oleksandr which uses DNSCrypt, Tor and Purple I2P to achieve maximum security and privacy, InviZible Pro not bloated with ads and unnecessary features.

InviZible Pro will get pure VPN usage experience but the only issue with InviZible Pro was it is currently only for Android which is little drawback but InviZible may soon available for iOS in future, do we got your attention? Are you interested on InviZible Pro? If yes let's know little more info before we get started.

• InviZible Pro Official Support •

Website : invizible.net

- App Info = Google Play -

• How to download InviZible Pro •

It is very easy to download InviZible Pro from these platforms for free.

InviZible Pro key features with UI / UX Overview •

- Key Features - 

- Built-in firewall
- Tethering supported
- No analytics
- No advertisements
- Open source
- No root required
- Hides location and IP
- ARP spoofing detection
- Material design theme
- Prevents tracking
- Allows access to hidden networks
- Unblocks the restricted web content

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of InviZible Pro there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you want the best, secure and fast open source VPN app then InviZible Pro can be a worthy choice

Overall, InviZible Pro is quick, simple, fast and secure VPN app it is very easy to use due to its clean, user friendly interface which gives you intuitive user experience but we have to wait & see will InviZible Pro get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now the app have good user interface that you may like to use for sure.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention InviZible Pro is one of the very few free open source VPN apps available out there on internet, Yes Indeed so, if you are searching for a such VPN app then we suggest you to try InviZible Pro it is an excellent choice that has potential to become your new favorite.

Finally, This is InviZible Pro, an open source comprehensive free VPN app to achieve maximum security and privacy so, do you like it? Are you an existing user of InviZible Pro , if yes do share your experience and mention why you like InviZible Pro in our comment section below, see ya :)