If you are experiencing slow speed on your Vi Network then most probably there could be many reasons behind it but generally all the mobile networks provide poor and very slow APN settings which is the main issue for slow speed and network related issues so if you want to fix your internet speed or any other problems related to your mobile network first you need to configure APN : access point names and set working and best access point names that can easily  fix all your network issues in one go.

We have numerous APN settings available for all mobile networks including VI out there on internet but most available APN settings are not working even if they work they are slow and poor which make the company default APN settings better so it is always better and best to select best APN settings for your mobile network that can give excellent speed and quality service so that you won't face issues later.

In this scenario, we have a workaround we found best and fastest VI network APN settings that can get you excellent 4g speed and also fix your BGMI high ping issue in instant for free, so do we got your attention? are you interested in VI APN settings? If yes let's know little more info before we get started.

VI Official Support

• How to apply VI APN settings

- Go to settings & Tap on SIM card and mobile network >

- Tap on VI

- Tap on Access Point Names

- Tap on +

Done, now apply below APN settings exactly without errors to complete.

- Vi APN Settings -

Name : Master X Gaming


Proxy : Not Set

Port : Not Set

Username : gamingpro

Password : Not Set

Server : www.Google.com

MMSC : Not Set

MMS Proxy : Not Set

MMS Port : Not Set

MCC : [ Default ]

MNC : [ Default ]

Authentication Type : PAP OR CHAP

APN Protocol : IPv4/IPv6

APN Enable/Disable : Enable

Bearer : Select All

MVNO Type : None

MVNO Value : Not Set

- After adding APN settings as prescribed above just tap on  and tap on Save

Congratulations, you successfully added best and fastest VI APN settings on your smartphone to enjoy seamless speed.

Atlast, Once above prescribed VI network APN settings added in most cases it will work Instantly incase above API settings not came into effect immediately then it will take atleast 5 minutes kindly wait or turn on and off airplane mode that may work in most cases if that doesn't work you are required turn of your device and reboot this method works of most people, good luck!

Overall, VI network is a partnership  between idea and vodafone to reach people again which they lost huge user base with the telecom revolution of jio, and the all new VI network seems good with value for money offers and decent speed but the main issue is Vi provide slow speed default APN settings which you need to change like we did above to get good speed except that most of the things about Vi are fine.

Moreover, it is worth to mention the above stated best and fastest VI APN settings are geniune and one of the very few VI APN settings that are working now, yesc indeed if you are searching for such VI APN settings then this Vi APN Settings are excellent ones, So don't miss the opportunity.

Finally, This is best and fast VI APN settings that can also fix BGMI high ping issue, So do you like it ? Are you existing users of this APN Settings? If yes do say your overall experience with this VI APN settings in our comment section below and yeah do say your highest ping, see ya :)