Browser, a app or software to surf internet - world wide web, we have alot of browsers availabe out there on internet from popular companies & individual developers for free like chrome, mozilla firefox, opera mini and uc browser etc which are the top browsers in the world with millions of daily users but have you ever thought? all browsers do not provide any financial benefit to you except themselves even if you use them regularly.

The browsers that you use and depend on daily basis somehow directly and indirectly benefiting financially using the terms and conditions and privacy policy legally that you accepted at the start of using browser, while most people don't even read them which can cause privacy issues as some browsers may have such privacy policies and terms & conditions which can collect sensitive data for thier personal gains.

So, it is known fact most browsers do not provide any financial benefit to you even if you use them regularly, however have you ever thought if browsers pay for usage? It will be amazing right? It is possible now a days some modern browsers paying users for usage in form of NFT - crypto currency which you can sell or trade for real money. 

But, the problem is we have very few browsers that pay for user usage and most of them do not have sufficient features included with unsatisfactory experience, in this scenario we have a workaround we found a app named Netbox.browser that pays crypto coins every day for surfing web with alot of useful cool features like crypto wallet, dApps store, staking and bridge etc.

In Netbox browser all you have to do is surf internet like you do usually, you don't need to watch ads, fill forms, download apps or visit websites etc, the more time you spent the more coins will be rewarded, so do you like it? are you interested in Netbox browser? If yes let's know little more about it before we explore more.

• Netbox.Browser Official Support •

- App Info = Google Play -

• How to download Netbox.Browser • 

It is very easy to download Netbox Browser from these platforms for free.

• How to register with Netbox.Browser to earn crypto currency with key features & UI / UX Overview • 

- Open Netbox.Browser app and tap on icon shown above.

- Tap on Register

- Enter Email, Password, Confirm Password, complete I'm not a robot captcha then Tap on Sign Up

- To complete the registration follow the link that was sent to your e-mail Tap on Continue

- Go to your email service provider and find the mail received from Netbox.browser.

- Open it and tap on Confirm your Email, don't forget to open it via Netbox browser.

- It will take few seconds to confirm the authentication from server.

- Email is verified, Tap on Proceed to Website

- Congrats, you successfully registered on Netbox.Browser.

- Now, Enter your E-mail, Password, check ✓ I'm not a robot captcha & Tap on Sign in

- You're in Netbox.Browser, Tap on Create a new wallet.

- Copy and save Netbox.Browser crypto wallet backup mneomic phrase.

- Pass the Mneomic assessment phrase test and Tap on Next

- Once done, Now create password for Netbox coins payments etc.

- Enter payment password, password confirmation and Tap on Done

- You successfully created Netbox Browser wallet, You're in History just tap on 

You can find features of Netbox browser in Menu.

- Send NBX coins.

- Recieve NBX coins

- Stake NBX tokens with annual yield of 9.4%.

- Buy NBX coins.

- Bridge, swap NBX coins to NBXB coins to get less Binance transaction fee.

 - In free coins, you can get your refferal link which you can share with people, when someone download Netbox Browser using your refferal link you and him will get 10 NBX coins for free.

- Tap on and Tap on Account to access more features of Netbox Browser.

- Here you will find Refferal Program 

- Details of Bonuses on your account.

- In explorer you can find all transactions of NXB coins, it's like blockchain.

Voila, you successfully registered and explored features of Netbox Browser.

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of Netbox.Browser there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you want one of the best browser to earn crypto currency rewards then Netbox Browser can be a worthy choice.

Overall, Netbox Browser is one of the best browser to earn crypto currency rewards, it is very easy to use due to its clean and user friendly interface with unique features which gives you Intuitive user experience but we have to wait and see will Netbox get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Netbox Browser is amazing that you may like to use for sure.

Moreover, it is worth to mention Netbox Browser is the clone / replica of chrome with same features except crypto wallet and rewards in Netbox Browser which creates difference, so Netbox Browser can work as alternative or replacement to chrome, Yes indeed if you are searching for such browser then Netbox Browser can become your new favorite.

Finally, This is Netbox Browser, one of the best browser to earn crypto rewards, it is best alternative to chrome and brave browser for free, so do you like it? Are you an existing user of Netbox Browser? If yes do share your experience with Netbox Browser and mention why you like it in our comment section below, see ya :)