Do you want to monitor, capture or analyse your android device network traffic? then it is very essential to have a network capture & monitoring tool on your android device if you feel any unusual and irregular network activity like if your mobile data running out faster or network usage is alive even when your device in airplane mode then network capture & monitoring tool will be useful to determine any suspicious activity on your android device with detailed information of your network traffic Instantly.

Network monitoring & capture tool will be mainly used by developers and companies to test thier apps traffic to find out either it is working properly or not including that network monitoring and capture tool will be essential and helpful to trace low level detectable hacking on any device.

For example : if you have any app that is using your mobile data continuously in background on your android device then using network capture and monitoring tool you can easily analyse network traffic of  your android app and find unusual and suspicious activity if exists so that you come up with resolution and fix it, it is always better to uninstall suspicious & malicious app incase if you found such apps to be in safe zone.

If you use any video streaming app where the app don't show you video URL or even not provide you download option then you can't stream the video in any video players or download video offline but by utilising network monitoring and capture tool you can capture network traffic of that video streaming even it's live to find the hidden video links of that app in network capture but note you can't apply these method to all apps as some apps strictly encrypted by the developers to protect thier content from unauthorised usage and piracy.

We have numerous network monitoring and capture tool apps available for Android out there on internet but most of the network monitoring and capture tool app requires rooting which will voids your android device warranty so if you have new android device or you don't want to root your device then you need to find such network monitoring and capture tool which works perfectly and accurately in no-root android devices.

But, we have very few network monitoring and capture tool apps available for no root android devices so you have to find & use the best one else you may issues later, but don't worry we found the best open source network capture and monitoring tool that is developed for all no-root android devices named PCAPdroid which provide security, so do you like it? are you interested in PCAPdroid? If yes let's know info about it before we start exploring PCAPdroid.

PCAPdroid is a Network Monitoring and capture tool that will use your android VPN service to recieve all the traffic generated by Android apps, so if you have any existing VPN already connected then PCAPdroid will ask you to disconnect it so that PCAPdroid will be connected to VPN service to capture network traffic and yeah PCAPdroid have many features to provide finest experience, but do note that PCAP generated by PCAPdroid is not 100% accurate so kindly first Check out PCAP Reliability on Github for more details.

• PCAPdroid Official Support •

- App Info = Google Play -

• How to download PCAPdroid •

It is very easy to download PCAPdroid from these platforms for free.

• How to use PCAPdroid with key features and UI / UX Overview •

- Open PCAPdroid

- Select Target App 

- if you want to test for all apps then don't add select and on Target app.

- Once Target app selected just start using that Target app after using it just Tap on connection where you can examine traffic of the selected Target app.

To capture all apps including system apps traffic then don't select Target app.

- Simply download a PCAP file of the traffic with integrated HTTP server

- Stream the PCAP to a remote receiver for further analysis (e.g. wireshark)

- Decrypt HTTPS/TLS traffic via a remote mitmproxy

- On rooted devices, it can capture the packets while other VPN apps are running

-Tap on to access menu and setting amd you can remove ads with purchase.

- In settings, we have more features like dark and light mode, proxy, IPV6 Enable, HTTP Server, UDP Exporter, Capture etc.

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of PCAPdroid there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you want the best network monitoring and capture tool for android device then PCAPdroid can be a worthy choice.

Overall, PCAPdroid is quick, simple, fast, network monitoring and capture tool for android it is easy to use due to its clean and user friendly interface which gives you Intuitive user experience but we have to wait & see will PCAPdroid get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now the app have good user interface that you may like to use for sure.

Moreover, it is worth to mention PCAPdroid is one of the very few no root network monitoring and capture tool apps available for Android for free with alot of essential features Yes indeed if you are searching for such app then PCAPdroid has potential to become your new favorite.

Finally, This is PCAPdroid a free no root network monitoring and capture tool available on android devices for free, so do you like it? Are you an existing user of PCAPdroid? If yes do share your experience with PCAPdroid and mention why you like PCAPdroid in our comment section below, see ya :)