UPI - Unified Payment Interface is India's popular and largest payment technology used by millions of people everyday via supported UPI payment platforms like Google Play, PAYTM, Phone Pe, BHIM UPI and other banking apps but the problem is all UPI platforms either apps or websites require internet connection else it won't work thus you can't do payments.

In india, due to revolution created by jio network with cheap data packs most parts of India were able to use giga bytes of data everyday but still some areas in india especially villages and tribal areas didn't have good internet connection so they are unable to use internet services like surfing internet, watching content or payment app services extensively, eventhough a cell tower can be placed in such areas with the help of any network provider yet to get a cell tower in a area is little hard as there are some restrictions and it may even take months or years to establish cell tower.

Especially, One of the major problem with UPI platforms either apps or websites was they are not friendly for uneducated, non-technical and old age people so they face difficulties to use and send through them which was why some people even in the era of digital technology, go to thier bank physically to write checkque and send money which require extra effort.

The another problem with UPI platforms is most of them usually get technical issues due to server or backend which will cause payment issues or delays even in some scenarios many people used to face payment failures that can lead to severe problems but there is only one solution which is UPI support payments platforms themselves have to figure out and fix the bugs on thier app or website so that thier users were able to use UPI service again which may take hours or days.

However, To eradicate all these problems government created a service to send money through UPI without internet on any mobile using USSD code even in keypad phones, all you just need is a working sim on your phone that is connected with your bank account, it's completely OK if there is no internet or any recharge pack available, so do you like it? are you interested? If yes let's begin.

• How to send money using UPI without internet • 

- Enter *99# USSD code and call.

- Select Language and Tap on SEND

- Enter your bank's name or First 4 letters of your bank IFSC and tap on SEND

- Enter Last 6 digits of your debit card and Expiry date MMYY seperated by space.

- Enter your new 4 digit UPI PIN and Tap on SEND

- Re-Enter your 4 digit UPI PIN to confirm and Tap on SEND

- You successfully registered and set UPI PIN, just enter your UPI PIN and Tap on SEND to use this.

- You can use all the above features.

- Enter 1 and Tap on SEND to send money or Enter 4 to change bank account etc.

That's it, You successfully learned to send money using UPI without Internet via *99#

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of *99# USSD UPI payment service, there are alot of other features that you can explore which will provide external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you want best way to send money using UPI without internet easily then *99# can be a worthy choice.

Overall, *99# USSD code BHIM UPI is one of the most simple and easiest way to send money or access more features of UPI without internet for free, it will be very useful in emergency cases like no internet coverage etc, the registration process I mean setup and they placed options very well which will give clean and user friendly interface with all required features that will surely give splendid experience but we have have to wait and see will *99# get any changes in future to make it even more better, as of now *99$ is flawless that you may like to use for sure.

Moreover, it is worth to mention, I think *99# UPI payment service is world's first payment service that works without data / internet implemented in india for Indians, there is no service like *99# available in the world Yes indeed if you are searching for such payment portal then *99# can become your new favorite.

Finally, This is *99# BHIM UPI USSD code, a UPI payment portal with all features that works on all mobiles and all sims available in india without internet for free, so do you like it? Are you an existing user of *99# ? If yes do you like? kindly share your opinion and experience with *99# in our comment section below, see ya :)