Do you use telegram? have you uploaded your files in it? If yes do you want to send them to mega cloud storage? if you do it manually then it will cost you alot of data and also consume so much time, so it is better to find a automatic method so that you can send your telegram files to mega cloud storage easily.

Telegram is well known for useful bots so you'll find all types of bots created by alot of talented developers, so there is this bot named MEGA Uploader X created by Botx updates which can remotely uploads your telegram files to MEGA cloud storage for free but you need to send your email and password which can put your privacy and security at risk even cause you personal & financial losses.

However, @MegaUploadXbot states that the password you submit in bot will be be encrypted before it stored in database to keep it secure, but @MegaUploadXbot is not official bot of Telegram, it is created by third party developers so you can not trust the bot even if the bot ensure you security and privacy.

So, kindly use this Mega Uploader X bot at your own risk we are not responsible for any losses occurred via using this bot we just demonstrated it for purely educational and knowledge purposes, if you still want to use that bot to send your telegram files to MEGA cloud storage then follow below detailed step by instructions, Let's begin.

• How to upload telegram files to mega cloud storage using Mega Uploader X bot with key features and UI / UX Overview •

Go to @MegaUploadXbot & tap on START

- Enter and send /login command and then send your email address of MEGA.

- Enter and send your MEGA cloud storage password, then you'll get login successful.

- Send and forward your Telegram file, once done it will be auto uploaded to MEGA cloud storage and you will get option to Rename, Delete, and also get Download link Instantly.

YAY, you successfully uploaded telegram  files to MEGA cloud storage for free.

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of @MegaUploadXbot there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you want a simple bot to send your telegram files to MEGA then @MegaUploadXbot can be a worthy choice.

Overall, @MegaUploadXbot is an amazing bot, it is very easy to use due to its clean and user friendly interface which gives you Intuitive user experience but we have to wait & see will @MegaUploadXbot get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now @MegaUploadXbot is simply awesome.

- You will get 20.00 GB of free storage.

- Free plan features and restrictions.

- Basic plan features and price details.

- Standard plan features and price details.

- Premium plan features and price details.

Moreover, it is worth to mention Mega Upload X bot is one of the very few bots which can remotely upload telegram files to MEGA cloud storage and it also offer numerous plans like basic, standard and premium to give fabulous extra features, Yes indeed if you are searching for such telegram bot then Mega Uploader X bot can become your new favorite.

Finally, This is Mega Uploader X bot, using this telegram bot you can easily upload telegram files to MEGA cloud storage, so do you like it? Are you an existing user of Mega Uploader X bot? If yes do share your experience with Mega Uploader X bot and mention why you like it in our comment section below, see ya :