In the era of digital technology you don't need to physically visit school or college to learn courses, all you just need is a smartphone capable of installing video conferencing apps to begin your online learning adventure, today there are alot of online learning platforms available for students offering thousands of paid and free while some even provide valuable certification when you complete the course successfully.

Due to co-vid 19 it is now necessary and essential for teachers & content creators to have a digital platform to teach and sell courses as students and people around the world interested to join and learn through online courses so if you teach students offline then it's the right time to get your business track to online mode as most of the offline teaching bussineses getting setbacks due to current situation including schools and universities.

You may use video conferencing apps like ZOOM meetings, Duo and Google meet etc to teach your new or existing students but the problem with video conferencing apps was they created for everyone so you can't find teachers & content creators oriented features thus you can't create website or  sell courses and get your bussines online on Internet.

However, there are numerous amazing and features packed platforms available for teachers and content creators to teach online and do bussines online by selling thier courses, but many people are not aware of this platforms due to that teachers and content creators depend on  video conferencing apps to do the job.

In this scenario, we are glad to announce we found a online platform for teachers, tutors, coaching institutes and content creators to sell courses and teach online named Kohbee which is trusted by 50,000 teachers where you can create your own website to collect leads, sell courses and take live classes and more, so do you like it? are you interested in Kohbee? If yes let's know little more info about Kohbee before we signup and explore more.

• Kohbee Official Support •

Website :

• How to download Kohbee •

It is very easy to download and get info on these platforms for free.

• How to sign up and create website on Kohbee with key features and UI / UX Overview •

- Open Kohbee, and Tap on GET STARTED

- Sign up with Google or Phone.

- Enter your phone number and tap on CONTINUE


- Step 1 :  Enter your desired username and tap on CREATE USER NAME

- Step 2 : Select the topics that best describe what you teach and tap on CONTINUE.

- Step 3 : Select and add required features in list and tap on CONTINUE

- Step 4 : Select sections you want on your website and tap on ✓ DONE.

- You're on Website Editor, select and edit sections you want then once the edit work completes, tap on Publish.

- Here you can also add your courses.

- Once you publish website, you will get your website link Instantly by Kohbee.

- You can share this website link with your students to gather them on Kohbee or sell your courses online to people.

- If anyone visit your website or try to buy your course then the views & leads will be displayed accurately here.

- In home, you can create batches and access recordings and homework files.

- In Go live, you can teach online on white board with alot of useful features.

- You can access Public chat, Share Notes and list of users joined the class.

- In live class, you can Start a poll, Manage Presentations, Share an External video and Select random user.

- You can make full screen, get keyboard shortcuts, end or leave meetings, options in menu.

- In settings, you can access numerous options for customisation.

- You can check connection status, and even on or off webcams and desktop sharing.

- In fees, you can add your bank account which will be used to recieve payments.

- You can check recieved payments and approved payments.

- In Profile, you will get above options.

That's it, you successfully SIGN UP on Kohbee and explored it's features.

• How people will buy your courses from your Kohbee website.

- Once any person visit your Kohbee, website, all the courses you added will be displayed with a button, you can add any text on button.

- In order to buy your couses, they need to enter thier name & email address then tap on ✓ SUBMIT

- They have to add thier email address and Tap on ✓ DONE

- In this phase, all the courses you added will be listed to vistor, they have to accept terms and conditions and privacy then tap. on PAY [ Course Price ]

- Once they pay for the course, you will get notification in Kohbee app, where you have to approve payment.

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of Kohbee there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you want one of the best online teaching platform then Kohbee can be a worthy choice.

Overall, Kohbee app is very easy to use due to its simple and clean user interface that give user friendly interface experience but we have to wait & see will Kohbee get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Kohbee app is likeable to use for sure.

Moreover, it is worth to mention Kohbee states that it won't consume extensive data, even with limited data Kohbee offer HD live video streaming, you can conduct online classes, online tests, make lesson plans with lesson maker and share notes, study materials in pdf, excel, word, video formats, included with useful automatic attendance to share with parents at the end of month.

Finally, Kohbee states it is 100% secure free online teaching app which ensures privacy by never utilising any personal data that seems illegal to user, so do you like it? are you an existing user of Kohbee? If yes do mention why you like Kohbee app with user experience in our comment section below, see ya :)