BSNL - Bharat sanchar nigam limited is well known tele-communication provider owned by government of India, from past 21 years bsnl provided landline, telecom and fiber services, however even though bsnl is a government enterprise, but still due to lack of advertisements & internet speed bsnl was unable to defeat private telecom companies like airtel, vodafone, idea, jio etc.

Bsnl used to provide recharge plans at cheaper price when compared to airtel, vodafone, idea etc but here's is a catch you may probably know this already, the private telecom companies like vodafone, idea, airtel collaborated to maximize thier revenue by scamming indian people with higher recharge plans, in this game play bsnl also played it's role by following the private companies marketing and pricing strategy and simply lowering the price of recharge plans a little to get green check from users.

However, the bad time for private telecom companies like airtel, vodafone, idea even bsnl was started when reliance jio entered into the market with ultra cheap recharge plans at that time in 2017, even though the prices of recharge plans launched by jio is kinda normal in developed countries like US, china etc, due to reliance jio people got to know they were scammed all these years by private telecom companies.

Reliance jio put an striking end to higher price recharge plans of this private companies and made them to launch plans at cheaper prices, but after few years at the end of 2021 indian telecom private companies again started looting indian users with higher price recharge plans, while reliance jio also increased plans price by more then 20%.

However, here there is an advantage for Bsnl, do you know bsnl do not even have 4g infrastructure even after the launch of  4g services launched in 2017 by reliance jio? Yes bsnl doesn't have 4g support in numerous areas even though it says 4g supported on sim card, in reality bsnl do not support it, as they are planning to launch 4g support by the end of 2022.

Right now, Bsnl only support 2g and 3g services in india, while some area users states bsnl can provide 3.5g speed but as per our analysis bsnl doesn't even provide good 3g speed in urban areas where they have major bsnl offices, I think now you probably understood how bad is Bsnl network, however over the years Bsnl learned to market thier poor network and gimmicky recharge plans better.

Now, Bsnl know to sustain in telecom industry with just poor 3g network, bsnl have to provide better and value for money recharge plans atleast on paper so bsnl decided to introduce some interesting and exciting value for money recharge plans so that it can attract users out of them one bsnl plan with price of 599rs provide 5gb data per day for 84 days of validity which surely make you think it is best recharge plan in the market but in reality as we said earlier with poor 3g network it will take atleast a week to complete 5gb bsnl data, so what's the point of even having it.

For bsnl, this gimmicky recharge plans worked like charm, after the reliance jio recharge plans price hike, other telecom companies also hiked thier prices, so users started finding for an alternative, then they found bsnl even created a india wide twitter trend claiming bsnl is better then jio, airtel, VI etc but in reality bsnl doesn't even have 1/10 speed of jio, airtel, idea and vodafone etc.

Bsnl does have some value for money unlimited calling recharge plans, but what is the use of unlimited calling if there is no quality, for instance jio and other telecom  companies have VoLTE support and that provide HD calls, if you don't want HD calling then Bsnl is little worthy, but the lack of VoLTE can be seen on Bsnl.

This is why you should not buy Bsnl card, but if you still want to buy Bsnl sim card then remember first ask bsnl sim card seller about network connectivity and Internet speed in your area, then ask bsnl customer care about network coverage in your area, if they say good or excellent bsnl coverage then you can proceed, but to be on safe side, buy bsnl sim card with basic plan like below 100rs or 150rs plan at first so that you can check the network speed and quality yourself and decide so that you won't waste money.

Bsnl doesn't even have in-app chat support facility, so you have to call bsnl customer care every time to ask and resolve your queries, while bsnl customer care no. 1800-180-1503 is not recognising number signals due to this issue you can't connect with customer care, while Jio, Vi provide in-app chat support which is pretty useful.

In order to make bsnl compete with other telecom companies, bsnl have to first implement 4g support as soon as they can, after that bsnl have to stop gimmicky plans that are only seems useful on paper and put value for money plans in real life, so that people will feel bsnl is geniune and show interest to join on bsnl network.

Finally, now it's upto you either to buy bsnl sim card or not, I shared my review and opinion with you, decide yourself, if you are an existing user of bsnl network do say your experience and mention why you like and dislike bsnl network in our comment section below, see ya :)