Telegram is social messaging app where millions of users upload different types of files publicly through channels, groups and bots, even personal messages, it is mainly used to share movies, songs, educational related files, and many more but once the file sent to Telegram app you can't edit or remove caption of that file as there is no official feature available in telegram app, so to edit or remove caption of telegram files you first have to download and edit caption from your file manager.

However, thanks to un-official telegram bots developed by third party developers who released numerous useful telegram bots like url uploader, generate public link of telegram files, upload telegram files to cloud storage platform and many more, a popular telegram bot developer named bot X updates created a telegram bot named Caption Editor which can instantly edit or remove captions of telegram files for free.

Un-official bots are one of the main reason most people come to telegram every day & all unofficial bots are created with the help of telegram official public API, you can use this API to create your own bot which need programming skills & there is another way to create your own telegram bot by hiring freelancers from fiverr etc which can cost you money but don't worry you will able to find almost all types of telegram bots.

Caption Editor will be very simple, as you just need to forward telegram files and it will show you options to edit or remove captions of telegram files, but the issue is Caption Editor is unofficial bot of telegram so telegram won't take any responsibility, there could be data theft risk, so even if unofficial bot assure you data protection you can't trust, so use Caption Editor bot at your own we are not responsible for any personal or financial losses by using that bot, we demonstrated it for educational and knowledge purposes.

Note : on telegram you can edit or remove captions of telegram files only when that telegram files were sent by you, you can't edit or remove captions of telegram files that were sent to Telegram by some one else, so in such cases Caption Editor bot will be very useful to edit or remove any telegram files caption to make it better, incase if you want to use this bot, then let's know how to use it.

How to edit or remove telegram files caption using Telegram bot •

- Go to @CaptionEditorBot and tap on START

- Now send the telegram file which you want to edit or remove caption.

- You will get numerous options, choose whichever required for you, incase if you just want to add caption, tap on Add new text and wait.

- Here, send your new text for caption, bot will instantly add to file and tap on file.

- Let's go, you got caption edited telegram files using Caption Editor bot.

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of @CaptionEditorBot there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you want to edit or remove telegram files caption then @CaptionEditorBot will be worthy choice.

Overall, @CaptionEditorBot is very easy  and simple to use, because of telegram public API which is the reason behind this intutive experience, all bot developers can only add button or command to gives any type of features to user, API structured like that from core, but in any project there will be space for improvement, let's wait and see will @CaptionEditorBot get any major UI changes in future.

Moreover, it is worth to mention you can do more with @CaptionEditorBot, in bot you have more options like Remove ID, Remove link, Remove #, Default text, Delete text, At top and At bottom to give extra advantages and make work more easier, yes indeed if you are searching for such bot then @CaptionEditorBot has potential to become your favourite.

Finally, this is how you can edit or remove captions of telegram files using Caption Editor bot, have you ever used this bot, if you're existing user of @CaptionEditorBot then do say your experience and mention which feature you like the most in it in our comment section below, see ya :)