Well, if you want to host website then you have to buy server else you have to host your website on free hosting platforms like blogger but the major issue with free hosting platforms is limitations and restrictions, this is why people like to buy paid servers to keep everything in control, but as we all know custom servers are not free, the price for servers is based on it's features and capacity.

So people whoever unable to afford or buy paid servers especially those who are new to blogging choose free hosting platforms like blogger, wix, Google sites etc but as we said earlier once you start using free content management platforms everything will be under thier control, I mean they can delete your website whenever they want if you voilate terms and conditions etc.

So people who like to control and own every part of thier website search for some better ways to host thier website, while some geeks like and choose to host thier website on local storage, which is pretty good idea for small sites but if you're website is big then you need to have powerful pc with huge storage to handle resources and make this task possible,

However, to host website you don't need free hosting platforms, all you just need is Google drive or One drive account, yes you heard that right! it is possible to host your website on Google drive or One drive with custom domain for free, in this way you can control and manage every part of your website, isn't it amazing? It is for sure so let's know how to achieve this.

Before we continue, remember hosting website on Google drive or Microsoft One drive is very easy task, but you will not get any type of tools, plugins or support using this method, which means you can't edit or customize website easily that can be little problematic as you have to do everything on .html file only which require good web development skills, if you don't have it then you can hire someone on fiverr to the job that costs money, now we're good to go.

• How to host website on Google Drive or OneDrive for free •

- Do everything related to your website on .html file format, you must know coding to put everything in line.

- Go to Google Drive or One Drive and upload your .html file.

- Tap on

- Tap on Manage people and links

- Tap on Change

- Tap on Viewer

- Now, your .html will be publicly available anyone with link view and download.

- if you uploaded .html file on OneDrive then you have to make .html file publicly  available to anyone with link.

- Now, go to www.drv.tw/

- Select Google Drive or OneDrive

- Connect with Google Drive or One Drive.

- Here I selected Google Drive, if you did the same tap on Allow

- You're in Drive to web admin panel, here you can see .html files, which are already converted from file to website.

- Just tap on it to check on Browser.

- There it is, your .html file uploaded on Gdrive converted to website and instantly available on world wide web.

- Incase if you want to add custom domain to it, then just copy the URL.

- Go to your domain manage dns settings, and create a new cname record.

• Type : CNAME 

•  Host : WWW 

• Points to : paste your website url generated from drive to web by simply removing last file name part.

• TTL : Custom

• Seconds : 3600

- Tap on Save, if you face any type of error kindly contact your domain support to fix and resolve issues.

It's not over yet, your are on the way now you have to use cloudflare to add SSL to your website created via drive to web.

- Go to Cloudflare login and tap on Sign up

- Enter Email, Password and tap on Create Account.

-  Go to your email service provider and find verification Email from Cloudflare, tap on verification link and open in browser.

- You're in Cloudflare, Tap on + Add Site

- Enter your website and tap on Add site

- it's time to Select your plan, scroll down to find free plan.

- Select free $0 plan and tap on Continue

- It will scan all previous DNS records and proxy it through cloudflare.

- just scroll down little and tap on + Add record and enter this below details.

• Type : Text

• Name : WWW

• Content : paste your website url generated from drive to web.

- but add " DRTVW= " at first and remove file name at lasts and then tap on Save

- Tap on Continue

- Now copy both Cloudflare name servers and tap on Done, check name servers.

- Go to your domain control panel and tap on Name servers.

- In Manage Name Servers, Paste earlier copied Cloudflare name servers and tap on Update Name Servers.

- Get back to Cloudflare Dashboard

- In menu, tap on SSL/TLS and select Overview option.

- Tap on Full (strict) and scroll down.

- Enable SSL/TLS Recommender

- Again in menu, tap on SSL/TLS and select Edge Certificates option.

- Enable Always use HTTPS

Done, you successfully hosted your website on Google Drive or OneDrive and added SSL using Cloudflare, now whenever you add a .html file on your Google drive or OneDrive Account it will automatically become webpage due to drv - DriveToWeb platform. 

Overall, the procedure to host website on Google drive and OneDrive is simple and easy due to clean and well designed user interface of drv - DriveToWeb which gives user friendly experience, how ever in any project you will find some space for improvement, so let's wait and see may drv - DriveToWeb come up with major UI changes in future to make it even more better as of now it's super cool.

Moreover, it is very important to mention that you must know, drv - DriveToWeb is one of the very few platforms which will allow you to host websites on Google drive and OneDrive for free Yes indeed if you're searching for such platform then drv - DriveToWeb has potential to become your new favorite.

Finally, this is how you can host website with custom domain on Google drive and OneDrive using drv - DriveToWeb platform for or free,, so do you like it? Are you an existing user of drv - DriveToWeb? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like drv - DriveToWeb  in our comment section below, see ya :)