Amazon is world's most popular shopping platform available in 12 + countries, there you can buy gift cards of many companies including amazon either in physical / email delivery which you can reddem on amazon website to buy products but the issue here is due to Amazon gift card policies it is not possible to send your amazon gift balance to bank account including that If you buy a amazon gift card of USA you can't reddem it on India's amazon website which makes things more complicated.

However, it is possible to send any gift card balance to bank using a simple yet amazing trick which many people don't know, in order to send reddemed amazon gift card balance you have to use amazon and but in-case if you have any not reddemed gift card even amazon then paxful is enough.

On Paxful, you can trade numerous gift cards for bitcoin, ethereum, usdt, tether etc where you can also sell them to get payment via gift cards, bank transfers, Google pay, UPI and many more, the main advantage of Paxful that you won't get in other platforms is you will get a in built crypto wallet which you can use to send and receive crypto currencies,

Whenever you buy crypto currency, trader will instantly release crypto currencies in your paxful wallet, do remember to be on best safe side it is always better to choose trusted traders on paxful so that you won't get any issues in future, now we will show you detailed step by step instructions so kindly follow them to convert amazon or any other gift card to bitcoin then sell bitcoin for bank transfer on, let's begin.

• How to send any country reddemed amazon gift card balance to bank using

- Open that amazon country website where you reddemed your gift card, do note you should have minimum 25$ amazon gift card balance in your account else this trick won't work for you.

- Now, search for Razor Gold Gift Card Email Delivery.

- In list, tap on Razer Gold Gift Card - Email Delivery.

- Here, select amount of gift card between 25 to 100$ then enter your email & name, message, quantity, date to be sent : Now.

- Tap on Buy Now

- Tap on continue and pay with your Amazon gift card balance.

- Once Razon Gold Gift Card is purchased with Amazon gift card balance, you will get the e-gift to your email in few minutes.

- Go to your email service provider and find razor gold e-gift card mail from amazon.

- Tap on Get your gift card

- Take a screenshot of your Razor Gold egift card.

- Now, go to and tap on Register

- Enter your email, password, refferal code : wWYp94yX3ke & tap on Create Account.

- Go to your email service provider, find the verification email from paxful, tap on verify now and open in previous browser.

- Tap on Login.

- Enter your Email, Password and tap on Log in.

- You successfully registered on Paxful.

- In Buy, select any crypto currency, it is better to stick with bitcoin.

- In pay via, select Razor Gold Gift Card

- In I Want To Spend : Enter the amount of your Razor Gold Gift Card.

Note : if you want to convert any other gift card then select that gift card.

- Tap on Find Offers

- Now, select the trader with whom you want to exchange giftcard for bitcoin.

- Select any trusted trader who accepts ecodes with high $ price for bitcoin then tap on Buy.

- Enter I will pay and recieve details.

- You must verify your email and phone number before you do this trade, just tap on Start Verification and do it in settings.

- Follow offers terms and make a Offer then remember once offer rate is decided you can't bargain with trader. If you are not satisfied with exchange rate then you can cancel the trade anytime.

- You can chat with trader and send egift card when trader ask you.

- Once you finish trade, you will get successfull trade email with details.

- Go back to, now tap on Sell

- In Sell : Select Bitcoin

- In Get paid via : Select Bank Transfer or any other payment method you like.

- In Offer location : Select your country

- In Offer owner location : Select your country then tap on Find Offers

- Here, select trusted trader with guided trade for convenient experience, tap on Sell.

- Enter : fill I will receive & pay in Bitcoin details, For My Bank Account : you can update bank details in settings.

- Follow Offer terms and make a Offer.

- Trader will ask your bank account details, send it then paxful will deduct bitcoin on your account for while.

- Trader will send you money to your bank account, and ask you to confirm.

- If you confirm payment successful then Paxful will send your bitcoin to trader and chat will automatically closed.

- You can give review for trader and trader will give review about you.

That's it, you successfully learned how to send reddemed amazon gift card balance and not reddemed gift cards by converting them to crypto and sell them to get bank transfer using paxful.

Atlast, this is the only trick available which can send any country reddemed amazon gift card balance to bank account, using this trick you can also send any other gift cards balances to bank, including that this trick will be useful for those you just want to convert gift cards into ethereum, tether, usd and bitcoin etc.

Overall, this trick is pretty easy and simple, however paxful is little slow and laggy, if you don't have fast internet connection then you may not even able to fully open site, it can take alot of time so I think paxful need alot of optimization so that it can work even in low network connection, even though user interface is modern still it has space for alot of improvement, paxful can choose any other template to make that possible, let's wait and see paxful can get major UI changes to give better user experience in future.

Moreover, it is worth to mention once you register on Paxful, it will ask you to enter and remember security questions, kindly note them somewhere safe, because if you forget them you can't reset phone number, email and reset password, if you want to reset them then you have to contact support and they ask you to verify your account by asking details, it can take upto 10 days, so be cautious.

Finally, this is how you can send amazon reddemed gift cards and not reddemed gift cards balance to bank account using, do you like this trick? have you ever tried this trick before? Is this first time you seen a trick this this? Is this trick helpful to you? do say your experience on this trick in our comment section below, see ya :)