You can learn skills, ideas, strategies, habits, routines and many more through books, many people like to read books while some people like to listen books , now-a-days we have numerous platforms  available for people to read and listen books online using Amazon Kindle or Amazon Audible etc, however not every one have money, time or interest to buy, read or listen full book.

This is why,  people like to read book summaries to save time and increase productivity, however most books don't provide text or audio summaries, so to fix this issue now we got to see many apps available on Internet which will provide text and audio summaries of book.

In this scenario, to make things simpler for you, we are glad to present a app named Mentorist where you will get text and audio summaries of over 200+ best books to learn and develop new skills, habits, ideas, routines etc, so do you like it? are you interested in Mentorist l? If yes let's know little more info about it before we explore more.

On Mentorist, you will get detailed text and audio summaries of desired genre books to grow in the field you like, either life, bussines, finance etc but Mentorist only allow you to read or listen 1 book per day and 5 books for month, to access more you have to purchase monthly or annuall pro plan via in-app purchase.

• Mentorist Official Support •

Website :

• How to download Mentorist •

It is very easy to download Mentorist from these platforms for free.

• How to register on Mentorist with key features and UI / UX Overview •

- Open Mentorist and tap on Get started

- Tap on Sign up with email or you can also Continue with Facebook.

- Enter First name, Email, Password and Tap on Next

- Select minimum 3 goals and tap on Next

- Select Reading or Listening whichever you like and tap on Next

- Select What is more important to you either personal or professional growth, then tap on Next

- Select learner or Doer and tap on Next

- Here we go, you successfully registered and you're in Mentorist.

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features of Mentorist there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you want the best app to get best book summaries then Mentorist can be worthy choice.

Overall, Mentorist is clean and user friendly interface that gives intutive experience but in any project there is always space for improvement, so let's wait and see will Mentorist get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Mentorist can amaze you for sure. 

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Mentorist is one of the very few platforms where you will get 200+ best bookstext and audio summaries for free, yes indeed if you are searching for such platform then Mentorist has potential to become your new favorite

Finally, This is Mentorist, Don't just read, Act. here you will get informative and concise summaries of  best books, so  are you an existing user of Mentorist? If yes do say your experience with Mentorist and mention why you like Mentorist in our comment section below, see ya :)