Telegram founders pavel durov and nikoloi durov together developed TON - telegram open network a blockhain spinoff back in 2018 later it was handed over to open Ton community but in Dec 2020 Ton project is abandoned as united states securities and exchange commission accused telegram of security law voilation, however now the TON blockchain revived with Toncoin.

The orginal TON project is directly allied with Telegram, but this all new Toncoin is independent and it is neither connected or owned by Telegram, when TON is publicly abondoned by telegram a group of Dev's launched a version of TON named Newton, and the lead developer of Newton Anatoly Maksov asked telegram through a Github request to give him domain owner ship and telegram agreed to it, after that TON started listing on small exchanges.

Toncoin as stated on thier official website designed to provide ultra fast transactions with ultra cheap fees, Toncoin want to give simplest user interface and experience as technical details were mostly not required by normal users except geeks, this is why Toncoin website, wallet etc are very easy to use, on Toncoin wallet you will see the address to send or receive payments, but to make this even simpler Toncoin going to change the format of address to short username for better experience in future once DNS is implemented.

Toncoin is currently priced at 3.75$ for 1 wrapped Toncoin = 1 native Toncoin you can easily buy Toncoin from or third party exchanges, you can create ton wallet to store Toncoins and then send them or receive toncoin them to wallet, now you can also recieve cashback in Toncoin with a popular cashback service with over 3.5 million active users which support over 800+ stores, isn't fabulous?

• How to download Ton Wallet •

It is very easy to download Ton Wallet from these platforms for free.

• How to download Ton Keeper •

It is very easy to download Ton Keeper from these platforms for free.

• How to create TON Wallet •

- Go to and tap on Create My Wallet

- You successfully created TON Wallet, tap on Continue

- Write down and save this 24 secret words some where safe and secure then tap on Continue

- Choose secure password for confirming your payments and tap on Continue

- You're all set and ready to go, just tap on View My Wallet.

- Wallet created, Tap on Recieve

- Scan or Share wallet address to receive Toncoins to wallet.

- On Ton wallet, you can change password, Back up wallet and delete wallet, also you can use Chrome Extension.

Done, you followed everything now enjoy Ton wallet on your browser or device.

Toncoin has 5 billion token supply and it uses same proof of work algorithm of bitcoin which validate transactions using validators and reward them based on validations done through mining, recently, telegram founders through durov's telegram channel post dated Dec 23 2021, mentioned regarding the potential of Toincoin and also wished Toincoin team for Success, by analysing all this we can clearly say Toncoin is futuristic project for sure.

• Toncoin Telegram Official Support •

- Toncoin | Global
- Toncoin_rus | Russia
- Tonbase | Russia #2
- Tondev | Technical and Development
- Tonmine | Mining
- ruton | Russia #3
- Toncoin_zh | Chinese

TON open community on a blog post stated soon users will be able to donate and pay for subscriptions in Toncoin crypto currency, and channel managers will also receive thier payments in Toncoin, Ton community said Ton blockchain and donate a telegram verified payments service has become official partners.

While, A popular entrepreneur and world's richest man founder of Tesla, SpaceX, neuralink etc was big fan and supporter of Doge coin, he recently stated in a interview that Doge coin is better then Bitcoin interms of Transactions, so if Toncoin can compete Doge coin in all edges and  recieve attention of investors then Toncoin can become alternative to Dogecoin if that happen future of Toncoin will be awesome.

Finally, Toncoin is a open source project you can check code on Github, Toncoin is pretty impressive, but the fact is Toncoin is still in early phase even though Ton open community done some fantastic job to put everything in place, however there is long way to go and it takes some time as there are many other popular block chains and crypto coins already existed, the only strength of Toncoin is support of Telegram except that there are no major figures or big community as of now to compete with other blockchains and crypto coins, see ya :)