This is the era of smartphones, and every one needs a smartphone to full-fill all thier requirements in this modern digital world, 
After the launch of apple iphone 1 in 2007 by Steve jobs every smartphone company got mesmerized because of revolutionary features that no other phone have at that time, so from that day phone companies got into mouse race to make a better and best smartphones at a cheaper price over Apple iphones.

In this mouse race Google a search engine company acquired Andy Rubens Android operating system and made it an open source project so any company over the globe can use that software to add it on thier device for free but that smartphone should give proper trade marks credits to Google and Android, due to this with the help of Andriod all phone manufacturing companies can release smartphones at much lower price over closed softwares companies like Apple and Microsoft.

Google's Android smartphones become the winner with global market share of 70.75 percent as of November 2021, over Apple's iOS with just 28.53 percent, so by this statistics you can easily understand the popularity and user base of Android powered smartphones, the main reason behind such exponential growth of Android is due to low price smartphones available all over the globe and people from developing countries like India, china, Vietnam and bangladesh etc like to prefer low priced value for money Android powered smartphones.

However, whenever you buy a smartphone either Android or apple smartphone, you should not rush while taking a decision because you can end up choosing a bad smartphone, so while a buying a brand new smartphone of any company, you must first decide budget then explore all available smartphones based on budget after that do analyse all specifications of that smartphones and take a physical look to check quality and design of that smartphone.

Once you analyse specifications, physical quality & design of smartphones then you should only keep best ones in them aside,
so it will become easier to choose one out of them, but alot of people who are new to  smartphone selection don't check features due to that they end up facing issues later in future, so we will now guide you how to select best smartphone on your budget so that you won't do mistakes ever again.

When you want to buy a smartphone, you first have to decide either you like Android or iOS each have their own advantages and dis-advantages like for example : Apple iPhones are priced very high and alot of experts say iPhone smartphones provide best security and privacy over android, but you can buy 10 best value for money Android smartphones at the price of 1 Apple iPhone smartphone, so choice is yours select Android or iOS based on your financial conditions.

If you select Android you will get wide range of smartphones from different companies built in numerous countries available in low, mid and high price, but when you select iOS you have to stick with Apple iPhones and it's closed eco-system with huge repairing charges that can buy a new smartphone, even though iPhones are expensive they provide best specifications with quality and security as priority.

If you successfully selected one operating system then you should list smartphones which are under your budget from good companies which have best customer support with reparing stores available in your area, after this remember it's time to check details of Network, ROM, RAM, Proccessor, Display, Software, Battery, Camera, Sound if they are good then your smartphone will be amazing and yeah don't forget to check design and quality of smartphone, 

Foremost, smartphone quality and design is priority for anyone, if all features in-built is good but outer layer is bad then it can give poor experience, each person have thier own design preferences for example : some people like notch and some don't, so choose design according to your interest, but don't forget to get best possible quality smartphone on your budget price, it will be nice to get full steel or alluminium back.

Network, it's essential to surf Internet, download apps, games and anything you like on Internet, the better network support you can get the more internet speed and stability you can achieve, you have to choose such smartphone which provide support for all network formats like 2g, 3g, 4g even 5g if possible on your budget.

ROM means Storage the bigger storage you can get the more stuff you can put on your smartphone, now a days 128GB of ROM with external memory card and usb support considered good then you should focus on RAM which is the petrol to run smartphone, the bigger RAM you can get the better performance and smoother 
experience you can achieve while playing games or using apps, today you must have atleast 6 GB of RAM to sustain in future as big sized apps and games sizes with high graphics become norm these days.

Processor is the engine behind every move on your smartphone, you can select either Mediatek or Snapdragon, but try as much as possible to select such smartphone which provide best and latest processor on your budget, I mean you have to select processor which has high cloak speed with lowest nano meter to reduce over battery usage and give best overall nice experience through the day.

Display is the first view of smartphone, so you have to choose it with atmost care, on Android smartphones you will find all size displays with different resolutions, some companies even provide gorilla glass or dragon tail protection, while other don't that doesn't mean they are not good, I will get straight to the point today you must need atleast 6.5 inch display with latest upgraded gorilla glass and 1080p, 2K or 4K HD display to survive, as new movies, games, apps striving to give immersive experience in higher resolution bigger displays.

Software is the vehicle on smartphone without it you can't access anything on smartphone, so keep in mind we have different types of softwares from many companies with extra features and custom skins like MiUI, One UI, HiOS, Oxygen OS, stock android etc, so choose whichever you like, however it is important to select such company and software that give latest Android with regular updates, if you ask me to suggest I would say HiOS available on Tecno smartphones.

Battery is power supplier for smartphones, so bigger battery means more power and battery life to spend more time, due to increased usage and bigger apps, games, processor and camera, it is important to have atleast more then 5000 mah battery to sustain atleast one day at moderate usage, if your battery is more then 5000 mah then it will be bonanza and very useful and helpful for sure.

Camera, the eyes of smartphones with them you can capture photos and record videos at different resolutions, camera is important factor for some while some do not care much, if you care about camera and want to use for photography then you have to focus on camera pixels quality over number of pixels, as now a days smartphone companies begin increasing number of pixels to gimmick and attract customers.

You should not fall into thier trap instead of focusing on number of pixels, just study how much quality does that pixel have in it, for example : you may not achieve high quality picture at 64 mp camera but you may get best picture at 12 mp camera, so it's about quality pixels not number of pixels, choose that phone company which provide quality pixels on your budget.

Especially, now a days triple cam and quad cam become normal, smartphone companies including different lens for better quality picture, however you may don't know smartphones with low price do not have optical image stabilization so you may get electronic image stabilization if you choose low budget smartphones, do check it out, if you get optical image stabilization sensor on your camera you will get best stable videos else your video capture will be shaky, while electronic image stabilization will reduce the shaky videos but not much.

In terms of camera, I'll conclude you to such smartphone which provide quality mega pixels over big numbers of pixels and camera should atleast have 3 or 4 lens like macro or telephonic etc and the smartphone you select must have front and back camera with bright single or dual flash at both sides, included with atleast 2k or 4k video recording support with hdr capture, focus, potriat mode for photos, so be cautious and care about above stated requirements if you love camera.

Sound, on smartphones to give best sound output companies use many techniques like placing single or dual speakers at top, or bottom even adding thier own sounds enhancement engines and modes like htc sound or sony dolby atmos etc, it is very important to choose such smartphone that gives good sound output so music listening and movie watching experience will be fabulous, while buying smartphone check either they provide Dolby Atmos or not on your budget, if you don't find dolby atmos then atleast get a smartphone which have front dual or single speaker.

This are the main features that you should check while buying a smartphone, there is no doubt on smartphones we will get alot of features other then ROM, RAM, battery, processor, camera, network software but this are main features of smartphone, if a smartphone provide good features of this then it has potential to provide other to, in smartphones selection after checking this main features then study all other details to before buying to be in safe zone.

I have to mention this many people make mistake while buying smartphones, we are in era of digital technology, internet is the source to check specifications and pricing of smartphones, just do a quick search on google based on your budget for example : smartphones under 10k INR or 5K INR, you will get latest smartphones at that pricing.

Now, carefully select and list only best smartphones out of them and from that extracted list choose one that you like most based on details that we stated above and it buy from a online reputed and trusted online shopping platforms like Amazon or Flipkart, where ever you will get lowest price either through coupons or cashback offers to save bucks, you can use extra cash back giving platforms like cashkaro or zingoy to get more cashback on your smartphone purchase.

Finally, don't buy a smartphone if it doesn't provide you finger print sensor in display, back or side, this is how you should buy smartphones, do you feel any other important information should be added here? have you ever purchased a bad smartphone due to lack of this info? if yes kindly share this knowledge with people you know so they won't waste money, and yeah do you like this info? if yes do share your reviews in comment section below, see ya :)