Adsense is a trustworthy and oldest ad network created by Google for publishers to earn on thier content, however getting approval on adsense for your website or blog is bit hard because Google adsense only approve sites which are atleast 1yr old with quality content, this is why new bloggers we're unable to pass adsense pre-requisites to start earning.

However, even after getting Adsense approval small and big publishers face some issues like low CPM and CPC etc this can impact thier earnings, this is why to fix this revenues issues we have many Google certified publishing partners out there on Internet which states to provide better ad revenues with thier strategies and monetization techniques etc.

Now a days majority of big publishers using Google certified publishing partners over Adsense because of better CPM, CPC and RPM rates, etc included with revenue maximize oriented features to increase earnings, so if you decided to switch from Google adsense or looking for a best alternative to Adsense then you can opt for Google certified publishing partners.

But, you have to choose best Google certified publishing partner which is able to provide better experience in terms of ad revenue and user experience else you can end up un-satisfied, as some Google ad partners has minimum requirements like 30k, 40k or 1M traffic so if you are small publisher you may not able to approval from such Google ad-partners.

In this scenario, we are glad to present a Google certified publishing partner named Ezoic which uses artificial intelligence to ramp up ad earnings of publishers, Ezoic recently lifted 10k traffic requirements so now even small publishers who have less then 10k page views can get approval on Ezoic through access now program.

On Ezoic access now program some features are limited but as publisher unlock and complete levels more exciting features will automatically get unblocked, but note if you have more then 10k traffic you will get complete features of Ezoic by default, once you en-rolled and completed all requirements set by Ezoic you will get approval then you can start apply ads on your website to start earning money, 

Ezoic as said earlier is a AI platform which uses award winning machine learning to adapt and optimise ad placements, sizes, layouts, density, and more on each page of every visit to intelligently increase value of ad impressions included with tools to improve site speed and SEO to get best user experience on the go.

Remember, Ezoic takes 12+ weeks pattern to perfecly optimize your website over this you will find improvements and on Ezoic one of the most useful feature is it's 20$ threshold limit so that you can withdraw faster while Adsense has 100$ threshold which can small publishers, so based up on all this Ezoic is on go choice isn't? for me atleast, so are you interested in Ezoic? If yes let's know little more info before we Sign up on Ezoic to explore more.

Ezoic official support •

Website :

• How to register on Ezoic  •

 - Go to and tap on access now if you are under 10k pageviews / per month else tap on Get Started.

- Enter you email and re-enter email got communication and tap on CONTINUE

- Enter your website url and tap on CONTINUE

- check ✓ boxes, to select which ever you're interested and tap on CONTINUE

- You will receive mail from Ezoic, tap on Get Started.

- You're in Ezoic, now complete little survey and course syllabus and tap on NEXT >

- Tap on 

- Tap on Settings


- Step 1 : Enter full name, Last name, set Your password and tap on SAVE 

- Scroll down

Note : Ezoic officially partnered with Cloudflare, so if your website is connected with Cloudflare, then Ezoic will auto add this settings and all things easier else follow below procedure.

- Step 2 : Tap on Select

- Go to your domain provider, head over to name servers section, and change current name servers to ezoic name servers.


- It can take some time to detect changed name servers, but you don't have to wait just complete 2 more steps.

- Step 3 : Connect to Google Ad manager, Add Ads.txt, Place atleast 10 Placeholders and your website and Turn on Traffic.

- Ezoic will take 10 to 15 days to review your website.

- Meanwhile, you can integrate Ezoic leap on your website, which will work only after approval but you can setup prior approval.

- Ezoic leap will increase website speed by minifying html, css, javascript etc which is similar like Cloudflare.

- You can try it out.

- You will get this Email from Ezoic if your website is approved, but as mentioned in e-mail you have to complete ezoic courses and pass final test to gain access to Ezoic monetization features with 75%+.

- Just login to Ezoic and complete and pass all courses and test, anyhow Ezoic tests are little tricky and bit hard to pass but don't give up be conscious and take time to pass, you can do it.

- Yay, once you complete and pass monetization and leap tests you will get Ezoic's Speed Certificate Badge, there after Ezoic ads will show up automatically on your website, later you can do external settings to change or improvise things.

Ezoic key features with UI / UX Overview •

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Ezoic there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, so if you want one of the best Adsense alternative then Ezoic is surely a worthy choice.

• How to add payment method on Ezoic •

- Tap on 

- Minimum threshold is 20$, you can update accordingly.

- Check conversation fees for payment methods and countries.

- Tap on SELECT FORM, to add payment form and add your payment details.

Note : Ezoic will conduct payments on between 27 and 31st of every month for previous month revenue, for example : August revenue at the end of September,  ad earnings will be paid next by month and the minimum revenue threshold to get payment is 20$.

Overall, Ezoic comes with light mode by default and has clean and designed intutive interface to ensure user friendly and intuitive experience, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Ezoic get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now Ezoic is fabulous.

Moreover, it is very important worth to mention Ezoic is one of the very few Google certified publishing partner Artificial intelligence platform which uses machine learning to adjust and optimise ads to ensure good experience to visitors and increase earnings of publishers, yes Indeed if you're searching for such ad network then Ezoic has potential to become your new favorite for sure.

Finally, this is Ezoic, the best Google certified publishing partner for small and big publishers, so do you like it? are you an existing user of Ezoic? If yes do say your experience with Ezoic and mention why you like Ezoic in our comment section below see ya :)