Telegram is a popular social messaging app where you will get advanced features and awesome bots to do almost anything with best privacy and security founded by pavel durvov and nikoloi durov, Telegram is different from other social messaging so you can do alot of stuff that you can't do in other social messaging apps for ex: on Telegram you can create your own bot using telegram API and download files to Telegram using link, scan text on images using OCR bot, edit video and photos etc, 

Now, you may wonder how you can host static website on a social messaging app like Telegram, it is possible but using an unofficial bot named tlgur, where you just have to send your static website .html or .xml file to Instantly publish on internet, but there are few drawbacks on tlgur like even though you will get a unique link for your static website yet you can't edit url or add any custom domain to it, so tlgur bot is not for proffesional usages, it can work for people who want to show thier static website to get review or suggestions etc or to present profile etc. 

On tlgur bot, you can also convert video, photo, audio, and other file to public link and download them on Internet through browser or download managers this is another interesting and useful feature, which is helpful for people who want to send download link of a file for instance usually social messaging apps like signal, whatsapp, etc have file send size limit in such situations tlgur bot can become best companion for them.

How ever, tlgur is un-official bot of Telegram which means it is developed by third party developers, so you can't put trust on it even if tlgur bot assure you protection of privacy and security of your personal data and files, so kindly use tlgur bot at your own risk we just shown it for demo and informative purposes, we are not responsible for any personal and financial losses, if you still wish to use tlgur bot then let's get started.

• How to convert file to link and host website on Telegram •

- Go to @tlgurbot

- Now send your static website .XML or .HTML files, and instantly you will get a link just open it.

- Wohoo, you successfully hosted static website hosted on Telegram using tlgur bot, you can also send other files, and tlgur bot will show you errors if there is any errors on your .XML or .html file.

Atlast, This are just highlighted key features @tlgurbot there may be many hidden features inbuild that provides you external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience, so if you one of the best bot convert file to link and host static site on then @tlgurbot can be a worthy choice.

Overall, @tlgurbot is simple bot, it is very easy to use due to its clean user friendly interface that gives you Intuitive user experience thanks to Telegram API, but in any project there is always space available for improvement so I hope tlgur bot will add more features and include custom domain adding option in future to make it better as of now @tlgurbot is fine.

Moreover, it is worth to mention @tlgurbot is one of the very few bots on Telegram where you can convert file to link and host static website on Telegram at one time, Yes indeed if you're searching for such bot then @tlgurbot has potential to become your new favorite.

Finally, this is how you can convert file to link and host static website on Telegram for free, so do you like it? are you an existing user of @tlgurbot? If yes do say your experience with @tlgurbot and mention why you like it in our comment section below, see ya :)