MX player is one of the top best video players apps which used to provide pure video player experience to it's users with all required features and functionality but when MX player is acquired by times of india they converted it to a OTT platform, how ever they didn't remove video player as majority of users download MX player for video player and it's features.

Even though, times of india aka MX media group side lined originality of MX player yet you still able to access it's orignal video player user interface and features to get approx same user interface and feel the old vibes of MX player, while new owners of MX player increased and added latest features like new PIP mode to keep MX player up-to-date but still alot of audio and video codecs are not supported.

Usually, majority of video players by default don't support alot of codecs, as developers only add few popular audio and video codecs to keep it running, but apps like MX player are advanced video players so you will get better codec support, still you may get codec supported issue on MX player because there are numerous video and audio formats and each of it has own codec so if developers of video players add all codecs on thier app then it will increase app size and arise optimization issues which is not satisfactory.

From past few years MX player users faced EAC3 audio not supported issue as EAC3 audio codec is not available on MX player by default, but no worries you can add all video and audio codecs on MX player for free, all you have to do is find and download updated codecs zip file for latest version of MX player from reliable and trusted source like XDA.

Recently, we got EAC3 audio not supported issue on MX player, so just like you we explored internet for fix and we found a updated all codecs zip which will fix all not supported codecs issue on MX player including EAC3, so you're at right place now we will provide you latest updated codec zip file below and show you how you can fix EAC3 audio not supported on MX player, before we do anything kindly update your MX player to new version, if done let's get started.

• How to fix EAC3 audio not supported issue on MX player •

- Go to Google Drive and download mx_aio ARMv8 (1.41.2).zip

- Open MX player, it will auto detect Custom codec, just tap on OK

- Tap on OK to restart MX player.

That's it, once MX player re-opened EAC3 Audio not supported issue will be fixed, so you can start EAC3 audios.

Atlast, this is how you can fix EAC3 audio not supported issue on MX player, by any chance if MX player not detected Custom codec zip file automatically, then you have add this custom codec zip file manually in MX player settings, usually MX player will auto detect any custom codec for sure but to be in safe zone, we will also show you how to add custom codec zip file on MX player settings below, so are you ready? If yes let's begin.

• How to manually add mx_aio ARMv8 on MX player •

- Tap on

-  Tap on Settings

- Tap on Local Player Settings

- Tap on Decoder

- Tap on Custom code and select mx_aio ARMv8 (1.41.2).zip from storage.

Overall, It is very easy to add Custom codec on MX player due to simple and clean interface that give user friendly experience, even though new MX player bloated with alot of OTT features but still adding custom codecs is pretty easy, but in any project there is always space for improvement so I hope MX player will provide custom codecs in app itself so people can download or uninstall easily whenever they insist with security, instead roaming for custom codecs on internet.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention MX player is one of the very few video player apps which support custom codecs, and as earlier said MX player support many codecs and all of them work flawless without issues, yes indeed if you're searching for such video player app then MX player is worthy choice but if you don't like MX player india's OTT stuff then you may choose other video player else you can ignore OTT stuff and just focus on MX video player to get joyful experience.

Finally, this is how you can fix EAC3 audio not supported issue on MX player using 
all in one custom codec ARMv8 1.14.2 zip, in are you an existing user of this custom code zip? If yes do say your experience with it and mention have you ever used any other custom codec other then this on MX player in our comment section below,  see ya :)