Don't run behind PC to unlock bootloader and install twrp recovery on your android smartphone, now you can do all adb stuff using an app named Bugjaegar, how ever in-addition you need an extra smartphone which will work as PC with USG otg cable to connect each other and get started.

Bugjaegar is a mobile adb tool where you can enter and executive adb commands to connected android smartphone to unlock bootloader and flash TWRP or any custom recovery, sideload and flash AOSP images, adb backups, pull or push apks or files and many more expert tools used by numerous developers, geeks and hackers.

However, before using Bugjaegar first you have to connect your android smartphone to target Andriod smartphone using USB OTG and install Bugjaegar app on the extra Android smartphone where you can enter and executive commands, but prior to this you have to go to settings and tap on build number option 7 times to unlock developer options in that enable oem unlocking and usb debugging options on both android smartphones to work with Bugjaegar.

Remember, each android smartphone has it's own bootloader unlocking and TWRP recovery installation procedure for ex : on huawei devices first you have to turn on USB tethering before you enable USB debugging and on MI A2 and MI A2 lite android smartphones you don't have to generate any bootloader unlock code including that you have to install TWRP recovery on A or B partition.

But generally most smartphones has similar bootloader unlocking and TWRP recovery installation method except MI A2, MI A2 lite and other dual A and B partition usually most android smartphones has A only partition, so to be in safe zone check your Android device bootloader unlocking and TWRP recovery installation method on XDA portal to perform any steps.

• How to download Bugjaegar •

It is very easy to download Bugjaegar from these platforms for free.

• How to install TWRP recovery without using PC •

- Go to settings on both Andriod devices and tap on About phone.

- Tap on Build number 7 times and go back.

- Scroll down, tap on System

- Tap on Developer options

- Enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging on both Andriod devices.

- Now, connect your target Andriod smartphone using USB OTB cable, once done Bugjaegar will auto recognise this so just tap on Ok when Bugjaegar shows popup like shown above.

- You successfully connected to target Andriod smartphone.

- Bugjaegar will show device name for confirmation, now tap on and press power button and volume button on your android smartphone at once to enter into fastboot mode.

- Bugjaegar will auto recognise this action just tap on OK

- Tap on <⚡>


- It's time, enter fastboot devices and tap on > check connected devices.

- Now, you can enter and execute adb commands to unlock bootloader and flash TWR recovery based on your device, check XDA for more details.

Don't enter and execute this ADB commands we just shown it for demo purposes, we are not responsible for any damages to your android device, we just shown it for demonstration purposes, for ex : order to flash TWRP recovery on target Andriod smartphone by using Bugjaegar, you have to enter : adb devices, fastboot flash or fastboot boot and attach TWRP recovery image from internal storage and tap on > to complete, this process change from device to device so don't apply be careful and conscious, check XDA.

Atlast, this is how you can unlock bootloader and install TWRP recovery without PC, Bugjaegar has a CMD window just like PC to execute adb commands with attached files, Bugjaegar work just like PC but on smartphone and this are just highlighted features of Bugjaegar there are alot of other features that you can explore which will provide external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience.

Overall, Unlocking bootloader and installing TWRP or any other custom recvery become to easy due to Bugjaegar clean and well designed intuitive user interface which provide user friendly experience on every corner, but in any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will Bugjaegar get any major UI changes to make it even more better as of now Bugjaegar is super cool.

Moreover, it is worth to mention you can unlock bootloader and flash twrp recovery using Bugjaegar without root, and the free version of Bugjaegar is enough to do most tasks but incase if you require more features then you may have to buy Bugjaegar premium app, anyway Bugjaegar is definitely worth it.

Finally, you just learned how to install TWRP recovery without PC, are you an existing user of Bugjaegar? If yes have you installed TWRP or any custom recovery with it? do say your experience and mention which feature you like the most on Bugjaegar in our comment section below, see ya :)