Xiaomi worked with Google on Android one smartphones to provide stock android software experience to it's customers who like and preffer stock andriod over MIUI, how ever to be honest MI A2 and MI A2 lite has alot of bugs and issues which still didn't fixed by Google and Xiaomi, this is why you may experience random reboots, boot takes few minutes, sudden jams etc which leads to poor user experience.

You can fix MI A2 and MI A2 lite buggy software by unlocking bootloader and flashing twrp to install latest custom rom developed especially for MI A2 and MI A2 lite by third party developers on XDA, but to unlock bootloader you need PC with with adb and fastboot tools installed in it.

How ever, if you don't have PC still it is possible to unlock bootloader and flash twrp etc on Mi A2 and MI A2 lite for that all you need is a extra smartphone with bugjaegar app, so that you can connect with MI A2 or MI A2 lite through USB OTG then go to settings to unlock developers options and enable oem unlocking and usb debugging option to begin unlocking bootloader without PC.

Thanks to Xiaomi, unlocking bootloader of MI A2 and MI A2 lite is very easy, you don't need to generate any type of codes from official website, all you have to do is enter two 2 commands to unlock bootloader Instantly however all the data will be wiped out in this process so backup your data before we begin unlocking bootloader on MI A2 and MI A2 lite using bugjaegar app and yeah no root access required.

• How to unlock bootloader of MI A2 and MI A2 lite without PC •

- On MI A2 or MI A2 lite, Go to settings and tap on About phone

- Tap on Build number 7 times to unlock developer options.

- Go back and tap on System

- Tap on Developer options

- Here, enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging options, now it's time to install Bugjaegar app on your extra smartphone.

• How to download bugjaegar •

It is very easy to download Bugjaegar from these platforms for free.

- Once done, connect your smartphone with MI A2 or MI A2 through USB - OTG,  Bugjaegar will auto recognise this so just tap on Ok when Bugjaegar shows popup like shown above.

- Your MI A2 or MI A2 lite will be connected to your external smartphone and the device code name will be shown to confirm connection status.

- Tap on ⚡

- Now, on your MI A2 or MI A2 lite, hold power and volume down button to enter into fastboot.

- Now on USB connected device, Open Bugjaegar to handle Android?

- Tap on OK

- Tap on <⚡>


- To check connected devices, enter fastboot devices and tap on >

- if connected, device name will be shown, now enter fastboot oem unlock.

- it's time, now on MI A2 or MI A2 lite, by using volume down button select UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER and tap on power button to proceed.

That's it, your MI A2 or MI A2 lite bootloader unlocked without PC.

Atlast, this is how you can unlock bootloader of MI A2 and MI A2 lite without PC, Bugjaegar works as a replacement of PC and this are just highlighted features of Bugjaegar there are alot of other features that you can explore which will provide external benefits to give you the ultimate usage experience.

Overall, the process to unlock MI A2 and MI A2 lite is very easy and simple without PC, this feat is possible due to Bugjaegar, it has all features required with beautiful and well designed intuitive interface to gives simple and user friendly experience, due to this you can work better Bugjaegar compared to PC, but in any project there is always space for improvement, so let's wait and see will Bugjaegar get any major UI changes to make it even more better, as of now Bugjaegar is fantastic.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention in most cases Bugjaegar free version is enough to unlock bootloader and flash twrp etc on MI A2 and MI A2, but incase if you require more features then you may have to buy Bugjaegar premium, anyway Bugjaegar has potential to work like charm.

Finally, you can unlock bootloader of MI A2 and MI A2 lite using Bugjaegar, are you an existing user of Bugjaegar? If yes have you unlock bootloader with it? do say your experience and mention which method you prefer Bugjaegar or PC? Kindly mention in our comment section below, see ya :)