Tecno Pova is undoubtedly one of the best smartphone from chinese company tecno mobiles under 200$ but when it comes to software updates Tecno lack behind many other budget smartphones, even though it has best stable Android 10 software out of box but still Tecno Pova haven't received a single upgrade till now while Tecno Pova 2 comes with Android 11, so users of Tecno Pova 1 atleast expecting for Android 11 if Android 12 update is out of sight for tecno Pova, so that whoever already got bored of Andriod 10 / HiOS 7.5 get someone new & refreshing in Andriod 11 / 7.6 for sure.

Usually, most smartphone manufacturers provide atleast 1 or 2 software upgrades to thier users, even on budget phones so considering this fact Tecno mobiles may provide android 11 update to Tecno Pova soon if Android 12 is not possible but we can't guarantee this as there is not even 1 official update from Tecno Pova regarding this from Tecno mobiles.

However, in fact we have to appreciate and thank Tecno mobiles for giving all security patches timely on Tecno Pova atleast they are not giving unstable & buggy android 11 update instead they delaying it to provide a stable version of Android 11 to Tecno pova users, but if plans gone wrong Tecno Pova may not receive Android 11 instead Tecno mobiles may directly give Android 12 but it can delay software upgrade time for tecno pova even further which is not satisfactory so I think this is very unlikely to happen as Tecno don't want to dissapoint it's users.

But, I don't know the exact reason behind delay of Android 11 software upgrade to Tecno Pova, there may be any marketing reasons or strategies behind this, as alot of new Tecno mobiles released on market so may be Tecno is expecting the existing users to buy latest tecno mobile to get the latest Android version to experience this is possible as many smartphone companies do this by not updating software features of users to make them buy latest phones.

Tecno Pova 2 already got Android 11 with HiOS 7.6 features, this make things more easier for Tecno mobiles as they can use currently available Andriod 11 software to do some changes and tweaks to port it to Tecno Pova, I'm not sure why development team of tecno mobiles delaying andriod 11 update to Tecno Pova, anyway this is really a bad sign which Tecno mobiles should fix else it can drop sells as majority of users buy smartphones for latest updates.

While, some smartphones are running on Andriod 12 but Tecno Pova users waiting eagerly for Android 11, in case if you love HiOS features more then a stock android softwares then it's worth as we all know Tecno HiOS is better then Stock Andriod, HiOS is custom Android software which provide useful and amazing features for Tecno users to get excellent experience only on Tecno mobiles.

Currently, on Tecno Pouvoir 4 smartphone users can install Android 11 beta 1 using Tecno developer preview program, except this no other smartphone support so users have to wait till they receive official update from tecno tobiles through OTA, if you own an Tecno Pouvoir 4 go to Tecno android 11 developer preview program for more details on this matter.

Tecno has alot of Android 11 smartphones on his back including Tecno Pova 2, this is something that will surely make you feel Tecno is not caring about it's old users, you may be right but I think Tecno is only partly caring about it's customers as Tecno Pova is receiving latest Android security patches monthly which means Tecno Mobiles software development team is working behind to ensure security and privacy of users, based upon this we can strengthen hopes of Andriod 11 aka HiOS 7.6 for Teco Pova this year in Q3 or Q4.

Finally, I think Tecno won't do Injustice to it's users so sooner or later Tecno Pova will get Andriod 11 with HiOS 7.6 to be more efficient and more delight, what do you think about HiOS 7.6, are you waiting for Android 11 with HiOS 7.6 features on Tecno Pova? If yes do say when can we expect Andriod 11 on Tecno Pova in our comment section below, see ya :)