When it comes to social messaging apps, Telegram sits on top thanks to it's cool and useful un-official bots that no other social messaging app can compete with telegram in-terms of advanced features and bots, but wait this isn't over yet! there is this popular micro-blogging platform named Twitter which is not an social messaging app but who cares it does have some amazing bots just like Telegram to give good vibes through out the usage.

Even though, twitter has similar bots like Telegram but the way you access twitter bots is way different from Telegram like for instance : if you want to use twitter bots then you have to find any tweet and then tag that twitter bot which you want to use to make it start working, how ever there are numerous drawbacks like you can edit or get much settings on twitter bots, while Telegram bots provide you all settings and features in front of finger tips, so considering all edges telegram bots are powerful and better then twitter bots.

While, on telegram you can open bots using username like Twitter but you can  access it's settings and features in a separate bot window like app, including that you can enable or disable options using commands or buttons according to your requirements for better experience, that's why people prefer telegram bots over twitter bots, what do you think?

How ever, if you like and use twitter regularly over telegram then you must know about some best bots which can come handy and useful in future, even though most twitter bots are not open source which means you can't check or contribute code through Github, now we are going to present 8 best bots that you may like to use for sure, so are you ready? If yes let's get started.

• 8 best bots on Twitter that you should follow in 2022 •

- Twitter is hub of public conversations, so everday there will be alot of interesting conversations happening from people around the world, how ever if you seen any conversation that you like then you have to open tweet thread to read but the problem is reading twitter thread on Twitter is boring and inconvenient as twitter didn't done proper work on thread view, so to fix  this issue there is amazing twitter bot named @threadreaderapp.

• @threadreaderapp official support •

• How to use @threadreaderapp •

- Go to any twitter thread you like and reply like this @threadreaderapp unroll.

- Once done, you will get a link where you can check twitter thread in blog style, you can also save thread in pdf format.

- On twitter, people share valuable information in form of tweets like quotes, business related news, life lessons etc so if you like to read them but don't have time then you have to come back to twitter again and find that tweet from specific account, how ever if you're super busy in your work then you may forgot about your tweet that you encountered earlier, this is why to fix this issue there is an useful twitter bot named @RemindMe_OfThis.

• @RemindMe_OfThis official support •

How to use @RemindMe_OfThis •

- Open any twitter tweet you like and tag  @RemindMe_OfThis and specify time when you want to get reminded about the tweet then tap on Tweet, once done @RemindMe_OfThis will remind you about tweet at specified time for free.

If you want to check replies of twitter thread, you have to open tweet which is easy but if you want to check replies as twitter tweets on twitter then this twitter bot named @quotedreplies will do the job.

• How to use @quotedreplies •

- Open any twitter tweet you like and tag @QuotedReplies then tap on Tweet, now you will get a link in return from bot, just open that to check replies in tweet form.

- Twitter is an micro blogging platform where people not only share tweets but also photos, gifs and videos etc, but the problem with twitter is they don't provide option to download them on official app and website, so if you like to download twitter video, gifs etc then you have to depend on un-official twitter client or
online video downloader sites which is little un-satisfactory, so to fix this issue there is this twitter bot named @this_vid.

• @thisvid official support

Website : thisvid.space

• How to use @thisvid •

- Open any twitter tweet that has gif or video, just tag @this_vid and reply.

- You will get your video download link from @this_vid, just open it.

- Here, you can download all videos that you requested in last 48 hours using @this_vid on twitter.

In 90's, people were only able to capture black / white photos and videos as color photo and video capture technology is not available at the time, even today people use filters to turn colour photo into black and white, how ever if you have any old black and white photos and want to colorize it then you're at right place there is twitter bot named @colorizebot which can turn black and white photos into colour ones using Artificial intelligence instantly for free.

• @colorize_bot official support

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• How to use @colorize_bot •

- On twitter, tag @colorize_bot and post a tweet with black and white image.

- @colorize_bot will instantly send you color photo in return like shown above.

Do you explore twitter tweets? have you ever found a interesting tweet that you want to take screenshot to personally use or share on other platforms without link? if so you can use this twitter bot named @pikaso_me to take screenshots of any twitter tweet for free created by Soheil.

• @Pikaso_me official support •

Website : pikaso.me

How to use @Pikaso_me •

- Open any twitter tweet you like and reply to it like this @pikaso_me screenshot this.

- YAY, You will immediately get screenshot of tweet from @pikaso_me.

Earth is a blue and beautiful planet, that's why people want to see how planet earth looks from the space, so if you do then there is a twitter bot named @dscovr_epic which take photos of earth every day from space at certain time and location based on satellite movement, to check latest photos of earth just go to @dscovr_epic and feel marvelous experience.

- On average 55 Earth quakes happen in day around the world, due to latest technologies and interest on Earth quakes, people were able to know about earth quake much faster the before, while earth quakes with 5.0 magnitude are considered dangerous which can cause huge damage to infrastructure and many people can die, earth quakes are natural disasters it can happen anytime, so it's better to know about earth quakes if you live in country or area where regularly earthquakes occur to vacate and safeguard yourself, to check earthquakes above 5.0 magnitudes just go to @earthquakeBot.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Twitter bots there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, so if you want to take your Twitter usage experience on next level and make it better then this 8 twitter bots are simply awesome.

Overall, All 8 twitter bots are very simple and easy to use thanks to twitter, as twitter bots don't have any seperate window to provide features like Telegram, twitter bots show up on twitter tweets so the user experience of Twitter bot rely on Twitter itself, that's why if Twitter improve it's user interface then automatically every twitter bot will improve user experience, but it will be better if twitter bots provide features and options like telegram bots, 

Moreover, it is worth to mention Twitter is the only platform available out there on internet which can compete with Telegram interms of bots, even though twitter can't defeat telegram open source powerful bots in terms of advanced features, options, user interface, user experience, etc any how If you still prefer Twitter over telegram then this bots will work for sure.

Finally, this are 8 best twitter bots, which can simplify your Twitter experience to make it more convenient and enjoyable, are you an existing user of this bots? If yes do say your experience and mention which bot you like the most in our comment section below, see ya :)