Crypto currencies are no doubt popular digital assets to invest and earn money for short terms and long term, people started to prefer crypto currencies like bitcoin over stock market for it's high returns, however when it comes to investments you should always choose legal and low risk assets like stock market, but when it comes to crypto currencies there are neither have proper laws or regulated by government entity, this is why investment on crypto currencies are more risker then on stock markets in any country.

Experts from financial background and government bodies frequently say that crypto currency sooner or later will be banned and the investments you done over the period can be at huge risk even end up with un-bearable losses, even after such warnings people are still interested to invest on crypto currency and the main big reason behind it was huge returns in short time and no requirement of trading skills, this is why people invest in crypto currency and once invested in any crypto coin they can sit back and relax.

How ever, crypto currency market is just like stock market, there will be liquidity and volatility, so either in stocks or cryptos you must analyse and choose such crypto coin which has stability and future, if you invest on bad crypto coins then you may end up with losses, usually most people especially newbies invest in those crypto coins which has no potential to grow due to lack of knowledge thus they were not able to sustain in crypto market.

Majority of people don't know and forget that crypto currencies are neither legalised or regulated by government, most vendors doesn't accept crypto currencies, so there are certain things that people should keep in mind when investing in crypto currency, those are if you decided to invest in crypto currencies then you must study and know atleast basics of stock markets.

Basically, when investing in stock market you have to primarily analyse stock fundamentals, market sentiment and movement, stock volatility, liquidity  charts etc and then invest on such stock which has ability to grow in short or long term, and same applies to crypto currency market, but when you think of investing in crypto currencies for long term then there is huge risk unless the country where you live is completely legalised crypto coins, if you care about safety of your investments then is better to not to enroll for long term investments on crypto currencies.

if you want to invest in crypto currencies and earn money like pro then you should prefer short term investments on crypto currency as it is safer and can reap good profits, if you know stock market terms then we are suggesting swing trading on crypto coins, in swing trading trader will analyse market and buy good stocks or crypto assets after that trader will wait until his stock or crypto assets get into profits, it can take few weeks or months then trader will sell his stocks or crypto assets to get profits in short time.

Usually, most stock market experts suggest and recommend swing trading over intraday and long term investment over swing trading, however as we said earlier long term investments has huge risk on crypto currencies, so it's better to stick with low risk short term investment, but at the end any investments in stock or crypto market is risky, so beware of this.

I'm just saying long terms investments in crypto currency is risky, kindly note : I'm not giving any financial suggestion, if you are ready to take risk and face any type of outcome in future, then you can do long term investment in crypto currency, but it is always suggested in stock market or crypto market kindly don't invest money which you are not ready to loose, don't invest in cryptos or stocks by taking loans or someone else money, only invest 1/10 aka 10% money of total money that you're interested to invest and don't invest that money which you've saved for personal safety and usages.

In simple, crypto market run on same principles of stock market but legality is the only issue of crypto market, so to earn money on crypto currencies, just do swing trading on crypto currency, you have to buy stable and valuable crypto coins which you believe will grow at lowest price possible and sell them at its peak price, whenever you get the opportunity in short time.

Finally, this is how to invest like a pro on  crypto currency and earn money, we are using swing trading strategy, do you use same or any other strategies? If you use swing trading what do you think about it? If you use any other investment strategies or wanna suggest or say something about or regarding this, then kindly do mention in our comment section below, see ya :)