When ever a new latest Android software comes from Google, Pixel smartphones are the first to get latest updated version of it, as this is Google's common practice from the time of Nexus to first update it's smartphones, however thanks to Android open source project anyone including the smartphone manufacturers can build own  version of Android software with custom skin and boot on smartphones for free.

While, most manufacturers only update thier new smartphones to latest version of Android, this is where problem occurs due to lack of new updates old smartphones eventually become outdated and struggle to cope up with modernity, so to fix this problem skilled third party developers from portals like XDA use Android open source project to build latest version of Android through custom roms for old smartphones to keep them up-to-date.

However, it is not easy to make latest Android version custom rom for old smartphones due to outdated hardware and kernel, even sometimes become impossible, but few talented developers using skills were able to build latest Android version custom roms for old and new smartphones.

Recently, a XDA developer named mernurisha quietly boots Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which is released in 2013, isn't this amazing it's almost 9 years still developers were able to keep this smartphone up-to-date, not just this developers surprisingly managed to boot Android 12 on Moto G3 2015 and Moto E 2015 which are 7 years old, while Moto G5 plus 2017 also boots Android 12 despite some troubles with kernel.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini boots Android 12 custom rom based on LineageOS 19, while it is still an alpha build and XDA senior member and developer mernurisha mentioned few bugs they are Selinux permissive, button backlight and live display, if you have Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and want to experience Android 12 then you can install this LineageOS 19 alpha build right away.

Remember, custom roms are third party software build using Android open source project according to your smartphone hardware and software specifications, so in order to install custom rom on your smartphone you have to unlock bootloader and flash custom recovery like team win recovery project aka TWRP etc then only you can install custom rom which is build for your smartphone using specific guides especially created for your smartphone on trusted portals like XDA, but this process voids device warranty.

If you don't follow guides and install wrong custom rom for your smartphone then you can end up soft or hard bricking your smartphone, which is hard to repair and in some cases unrecoverable, so this is why always unlock bootloader, flash custom recovery, install rom and root carefully using specific guides that are created for your smartphone on portals like XDA to stay away from issues and troubles.

Note : Samsung Galaxy S4 mini has many models, Mernurisha build Android 12 LineageOS 19 custom rom only for [SERRANOVELTE GT-I9195I], if you install this ROM on other model then this, it will hard brick your smartphone and make it unrepairable, so kindly don't that and in any case we are not responsible for any damages occured to your smartphone, be at your own risk.

• Samsung Galaxy S4 mini official support •


How to download and install LineageOS
19 on Samsung Galaxy S4 mini [SERRANOVELTE GT-I9195I] •

- Download LineageOS 19 Zip

- Install a compatible Recovery (TWRP-3.6.0_9)

- Perform a backup of your current ROM (Optional)

- Make a full wipe (system, data, cache, dalvik)

- LineageOS 19.0 doesn't have an official open GApps version yet. so flash BitGapps-arm-12

- Reboot

Bingo, you successfully installed Andriod 12 LineageOS 19 custom rom on Samsung Galaxy S4 mini SERRANOVELTE GT-I9195.

Finally, All credits goes to Mernurisha for bringing Android 12 LineageOS 19 custom rom for Samsung Galaxy S4 mini SERRANOVELTE GT-I9195, do you own Samsung Galaxy S4 mini? have you tried this Android 12 Lineage OS 19 built on it? If yes do say you experience and how do you feel about Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy S4 mini in our comment section below, see ya :)