When you search on internet to download movies you may probably seen numerous video formats, while Blu-ray, webdl, HDRip are popular high quality HD video formats which people prefer over low quality video formats, however most people don't know which video format to select for better and best video quality due to that they will get 
confused and choose whatever available format or search on google for answers.

Blu-ray come into existence after DVD which is founded Blu-rayDisc corporation and first introduced by Sony with Blueray proto-types in 2000's but got released on 
June 20, 2006 which is able to store high definition video details better then other video formats, not just that Blu-ray uses
VC-1 codec which provide 13 / 14 Mbps bitrate and packed with lossless Dolby digital or DTS surround which will give orginal listening experience.

So, If you want best HD video quality you have to choose Blu-ray format, else WEB-DL is perfect choice as WEB-DL is directly download from streaming service provider it won't be encoded so you will get better video quality, but if there is BDrip of video aka Blueray disc then it's better to choose it over over WEB-DL as on Blu-ray disk rip you will get better video quality anytime.

While, Web-rip video format is close to WEB-DL interms of video quality but it is better to stick with WEB-DL if you found It, and here comes the HDrip which is now a days popular video format used for Piracy, 
HDrips are recorded from streaming sites or HDTV and later get encoded so you will find little drop of video quality, however you can consider HDrip after WEB-DL.

The reason Blu-ray videos better then WED-DL is because of streaming services as they usually provide low bitrate which is around 7/8 Mbps and they even compress the dolby digital audio, while most Blu-ray videos usually comes with lossless Dolby audio and DTS around which gives best and better video and audio experience over WEB-DL.

Anyhow, there are low quality video formats as well which are used for piracy after a movie get released to name a few Camrip, HDcam this video formats are recorded using camera with internal microphone so most likely you will get background noises, while Pre-DVD and  DVD-rip etc are ripped from DVD so you will get better quality over Camrips.

Ripping inshort Rip is a process of copying or extracting audio or video from a DVD or streaming platform using different types of softwares, and usually videos that are ripped will be big in size, so Rippers will usually encode them using advanced video and audio formats like HEVC and AAC to reduce video file size without loosing quality, so that people can easily download them comfortably.

There are numerous regular video formats to, but MPEG 4 aka .MP4 and Matroska aka .MKV etc, and audio formats like .MPEG 3 aka .MP3 and .OGG etc are popular and widely used and created by people on daily basis using smartphone cameras and video editor softwares and apps in different resolutions, even popular online video streaming platforms provide download option in .MP4 & .MP3 formats for instanse YouTube including that alot of people and rippers even encode movies in this formats.

Finally, Blu-ray is always provide better and best video and audio quality for original and best experience, after that in descending order for high quality you can select BDrip, WED-DL, HDrip and for low quality DVDrip, Pre-DVD rip, HD cam and Camrip will work for sure, what do you think? which format is better kindly say your opinion in comment section below, see ya :)