In stock roms, smartphone manufacturers usually install full package of Google Apps on AndroidOS in-addition they also include thier own set of OEM - system apps which most people feel them as bloatware, even when users try to uninstall those apps it's not possible as they are system apps, this is why people root and unlock bootloader of smartphones in-order to install custom roms and unlock full capable functionality, anyhow it voids your warranty.

The issue with full Google Apps package that you usually find in stock roms is they consume alot of storage and ram with so many unnecessary apps that are actually not required by majority of Android users, so this fix issue we got alternative GApps aka Google apps packages from sources like Open GApps where you can get many different variants Google apps package created by developers for custom roms.

Open GApps is an open-source project where you will get Google Apps packages in different variants for Android 5.0 to 11.0 versions like aroma, super, stock, full, mini, micro, nano, pico, tvstock, tvmini etc while people who want full Google apps depend on Super and those who require small size and minimal Google Apps package use Pico.

Recently, we are in-search for GApps package that is more small in size and  minimal then Open GApps Pico Variant, fortunately we're glad to found minimal build GApps named BiTGApps which is between 80 - 90MB package size with advanced and additional features.

BiTGApps is an GPLv3 and open source project that does not come in several variants instead it has only one variant came into existence in 2018 created by TheHitman7 to provide simple, optimized, tweaked, no bloatware and perfectly balanced GApps for custom roms which is neither a fork of GApps nor based on existing Google Apps packages, so do you like it? are you ready to explore more? If yes let's begin.

Note : this software mentioned here was developed by some third party developers is in public domain, we don't own and there is no connection with them, the information and references with sources about the modified and changed software provided here is for information and demonstration purposes only which is legal and comes under freedom of press, if you are legitimate owner of this software and effected by this in anyway then kindly we suggest you to contact rightful owner and host of this software to resolve matters, I just shown this software working process and structures, hope you mind it.

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• How to download BiTGApps app created by Paget96 to track installed versions and get direct download link of latest updates and also check changelog.

• How to download BiTGApps •

It is very easy to download BiTGApps package from these platforms for free.

• BiTGApps key features •

- Minimal build size

- Package size less than 80MB

- Enable Battery Optimization for all GApps

- Optimize Google Play Services for battery

- Optimize APK files with Zipalign tool

- Optimize app database with Sqlite tool

- Bootlog Patch for generating bootloop logs

- Safetynet Patch for passing CTS profile

- Whitelist Patch for disabling Privileged Permissions property

- Disable Privileged Permissions Allowlisting functionality

- Installation over Custom OS shipped with GApps

- Addon packages for supporting additional GApps packages

- Support YouTube Vanced Root version

- Ability to install YouTube Vanced Root version as Non-Root

- Disable Google SetupWizard installation

- Optimized OTA survival script implementation

- Install BiTGApps package directly from booted system

- Install BiTGApps package systemlessly as magisk module

- Ability to uninstall Additional GApps packages

- Ability to restore AOSP counter part of Additional GApps packages

- Ability to uninstall BiTGApps without doing clean installation

- Ability to hide SU after App launch

- Ability to pass SafetyNet without Magisk

- Google Photos Unlimited Backup

- Install or update BiTGApps package from magisk in future release.

- Support Android 12 GApps 

• How to Install BiTGApps using custom recovery like TWRP •

- Reboot to recovery
- Install ROM
- Install BiTGApps package
- Reboot system

Done, you successfully installed BiTGApps using custom recovery.

• How to systemlessly install or update BiTGApps using Magisk •

YAY, you successfully imported BiTGApps from storage then installed and updated using Magisk.

• How to Install BiTGApps using config file •

How to install BiTGApps on LineageOS custom recovery •

 How to upgrade BiTGApps •

• How to uninstall and restore BiTGApps • 

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of BiTGApps there may be many hidden features in-build that provides you external benefits to give the ultimate usage experience, so if you want one of the best minimal Google apps package alternative to Open GApps Pico then BiTGApps is one of the best and worthy choice for sure.

Overall, BiTGApps is very easy to download, install, upgrade, uninstall using custom recovery, now it's going to be even more easier with the support of magisk that ensure user friendly interface, but in 
In any project there is always space for improvement so let's wait and see will BiTGApps get any major UI changes in future to make it even more better, as of now it's super cool.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention BiTGApps is one of the very few custom Google apps packages out there on internet which comes with Google photos unlimited app that you only get on pixel devices including that BiTGApps has ability to install YouTube vanced root version as no root, isn't this awesome?

Finally, this is BiTGApps a minimal Google app package under 90MB alternative to Open GApps pico variant, are you an existing user of BiTGApps? If yes do say your experience and mention why you like BiTGApps in our comment section below, see ya :)