Android is open source software from Google so anyone can develop his own version of Android OS, that's why many smartphone companies and developers around the world build thier own custom skin version of Android to install on thier smartphones with additional changes in user interface and extra features.

We have numerous custom Android OS softwares from smartphone companies and developers on XDA portal, however MIUI from Xiaomi Inc. is considered as 
best and popular custom skin software build on Android OS, eventhough many people prefer pure stock Android OS on smartphones over MIUI.

Anyhow, there are many custom Android softwares alternatives to MIUI like One UI Oxygen OS, Nubia UI, FIUI etc from popular smartphone companies, usually users who don't like MIUI use them, however recently we found another alternative to MIUI from Tecno named HiOS.

HiOS is custom skin Android software which resembles MIUI in many areas like extra useful and cool features, themes etc
but HiOS preserves the essence of stock Andriod software without altering custom software so that you can experience stock and custom skinned Andriod OS software at the same time.

While, MIUI is heavy skinned custom software build on Android OS thus you won't get any similarity and resemblence
between MIUI and stock Android software, so people who want only custom software can go with MIUI but if you want stock and custom Andriod software experience then HiOS is right now best alternative to MIUI, Oxygen OS, FIUI, Nubia UI etc for sure.

HiOS just like MIUI gone through alot of changes and improvements over the years introducing many advanced new features, so we can't say HiOS is best compared to MIUI as each individual has his own liking and preferences according to requirement including that you may not find features of HiOS in MIUI and vice versa, so it's hard to choose one that's why we will provide list of features so that you can decide which suits you best either HiOS or MIUI, so are you ready? If yes let's get started.

• HiOS 8.0 based on Android 12 key features •

- Photo compression using AI Gallery.

- Social Turbo

- Ultra power saving.

- Game Mode

- Smart assistant

- Sidebar Widgets

- Power Boost

- Battery Lab

- Theme & Lockscreen

- Magazine Service
- Peek proof
- Visha video player
- Pic Film
- Smart Cards
- Bike Mode
- Video Editor
- Phone Cloner
- Voice changer
- Document Correction
- Anti-Theft Alert
- Privacy Auth
- Popup Blocker
- HiOS 8.0 Wallpapers
- App Twins with Fingerprint
- Real time weather broadcasting
- Za-Hooc 2.0 personal security guard.

• MIUI 13 based on Android 12 key features • 

- Liquid Storage
- Atomized Memory
- Focused Algorithm
- Smart Balance Battery
- Sidebar widgets
- Face verification protection
- Privacy watermarking
- Electronic fraud protection
- Mi Sans, new font system
- New widgets
- Mi-Pad support
- Enhanced Privacy
- MIUI 13 wallpapers

Full list :

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of HiOS and MIUI based on Android 12, there may be many un-reaveled and hidden features in-build to provide external benefits and give you the ultimate usage experience, anyway you may now decide based on features to stay on HiOS or MIUI custom Android software.

Overall, MIUI and HiOS got new user interface changes and Improvements to better user experience of users on top of new features, however as we said earlier each individual has his own liking of user interface so we can't say which is best for you but generally if you want pure custom software then MIUI else incase you want hybrid custom and stock software then HiOS will be assuring for sure.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention Android 13 is on the way as of now beta version is released so when Android 13 released publicly all this smartphone companies who release custom Android softwares will take some time to release thier own version of Android 13 as they have to add new features with UI changes and that takes time.

Finally, this is HiOS vs MIUI, which Android software you use stock or custom? which is better HiOS or MIUI? are you an existing user of HiOS or MIUI? If yes kindly say why you like HIOS or MIUI and mention any one feature you like the most on HIOS or MIUI in our comment section below, see ya :)