When you tired of making YouTube videos due to extensive dubbing or you may want to create content in English eventhough it was not your primary language or may be your environment is not proper enough to create videos due to background sounds then you can use Text-to-speech to solve this issues in one go.

Text-to-speech is a software which will read your text so that you don't have to give voiceover anymore, but the problem with majority of Text-to-speech softwares and apps is they provide robotic speech in return which are not good and won't work for YouTube videos.

However, because of latest technologies like AI - artificial intelligence now we have many text-to-speech platforms which use AI to provide human like voice instead of robotic voice, but you have to choose the best artificial intelligence based platform so that you won't face issues later.

Eventhough most artificial intelligence based text-to-speech platforms are paid but some are available for free with few limitations like characters count or time etc, anyhow recently we are in search of best human like text-to-speech platform, fortunately we found IBM Watson.

IBM is well known American multinational company founded in June 16, 1991 which invented many core technologies that has allowed computers to advance further as time goes IBM now entered into numeous fields in technology, IBM started providing  cloud services to businesses and we pick  Text to speech service to generate human like audio, so are you ready? Let's begin.

• How to get best human like artificial intelligence based text+to-speech audio using IBM Watson for free •

- Go to cloud.ibm.com then tap on Create an account.

- Enter Email, Password then tap on Next

- Go to your email and find this mail from IBM then copy 7 digit verification code.

- Enter or paste 7 digit Verification code then tap on Next

- Enter first name, Last name, Select country or region then tap on Next

- check ✓ all boxes to accept terms and conditions of this registration form then tap on Continue

- ✓ box then tap on Continue

- You successfully registered on IBM cloud now open this page in desktop mode.

- if you're on mobile then tap on catalog.

- Search and find Text to Speech then simply tap on it.

- Select a location near to you, Enter Service name and ✓ box then tap on Create

- In Manage, Tap on show on show credentials and copy API key and URL.

- Go to colab.google.com, tap on ▶️

- In second code, scroll right and find voice='en-US_HenryV3Voice' 

- On IBM there are numerous voices other then en-US_HenryV3Voice which you can find on docs

- From docs, select whichever voice you like and copy that code then replace with

- APIkey= ' paste your API key '

- TTSurl = ' Paste your server URL ' like this for example: https://api.us-south.text-to-speech.watson.cloud.ibm.com

- InputTXT = ' Paste your text ' 

- Now tap on ▶️

- It will start converting your text to speech to audio, incase if you added lengthy text then it may take sometime.

- Bingo, your text is converted to human like voice and it was downloaded on your browser in .wav audio format.

- You can change audio format to, find the procedure on docs.

Altlast, this is how you can get best human like text to speech audio from IBM Watson but Lite plan which is available for free has 10,000 character limit for month, while the standard plan costs you 0.2$ usd for 1,000 characters, including that there is premium which has everything of standard plan with numerous amazing and useful features so according to requirements.

Overall, IBM cloud website has clean and simple intuitive user interface due to that creating and setting up Text to Speech is very easy, but in order to use this Text-to speech service you have to run the code which was in Google Colab on any other cloud platform or Linux terminal which is little unknown to novices.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention IBM cloud text to speech is one of the very few platforms available out there on world wide web which uses Artificial intelligence to give best human like voice to use them on Youtube videos for free, but if you add background music then it will sound more human and better for sure.

Finally, this is how you can get best human like AI Text to Speech audio for free using IBM cloud, are you an existing user of IBM cloud Text to Speech? If yes kindly do say your experience and mention why you like IBM could Text to Speech in our comment section below, see ya :)