There are numerous ways to invest money online, as digital technology paved the way for everyone to invest on assets which are not available to invest online for Example : gold which is now become digital gold and back in 90's in order to invest in stocks you have find brokers and buy physical stocks which is difficult task but now due to new advanced technologies we got numerous brokers to invest on digital stocks online.

However, when most people sticked to digital stocks to invest money online then in year 2009 the world's first decentrailised crypto currency named Bitcoin a digital asset build on blockchain technology was created by Satoshi nakamoto entered into the world calmly and revolutionized the way people invest money online.

Bitcoin, within few years become world's most popular and valuable digital asset even though crypto currencies are neither recognised or legalised by governments, after bitcoin many more cryptocurrencies come into existence like ethereum which is considered as first alternative to bitcoin, anyhow Bitcoin still ranks top even today.

The undeniable fact is any crypto currency that came after 2009 is inspired by Bitcoin and when thousands of new cryptos were created by people then there is necessity of exchanges so like we have stock market for stocks we got crypto market platforms from numerous companies to buy and sell crypto currencies online.

However, when investors are busy managing stocks and crypto currencies, we got another potential investment digital asset named NFT aka non-fungible-tokens which are build using same principles and blockchain technology of crypto currency, so NFT's can be said as subset of crypto currency but if you want to sell or buy NFT'S you need crypto currency.

Now a days NFT's are more popular then crypto currencies, because of NFT digital arts and meme coins like Shiba inu, Baby doge etc which got attention from world's most aspiring entrepreneur Elon Musk on his twitter handle, and just like any crypto currency you can trade or mine NFT's to.

But, as you may know trading is risky and mining crypto currencies is difficult which require alot of power to validate and solve blocks to verify transactions and then get rewards, so people whoever want to earn crypto currency and NFT's without trading and mining are buying and staking crypto currencies or NFT's on liquidity pools to get additional rewards.

We have numerous ways to stake crypto currencies and NFT'S, while most popular methods are liquidity staking, crypto yield farming and new in town NFT's staking is trending in crypto community as it offers increased returns when investors choose to lock in thier funds for longer term and yeah for any type of staking you have to depend on DeFi platforms.

In simple, Staking is like security deposit you have to lock your crypto currencies or NFT'S in vault and then staking platform will have thier own fees and APR : annual percentage rage based on that and your total investment they will send validators to solve blocks and then in exchange you will get rewards on daily basis which is very safe over trading and mining.

Now, the question arises which is best crypto currency or non-fungible-token for higher returns which is hard to say as your investments and exchange APR rate will play major role in staking, anyway we're going to show you how to stake sentinel dVPN tokens which you can use to top up bandwidth on Exidio dVPN.

Exidio dVPN is a decentrailised VPN based on Sentinel, you may never heard of dVPN as it's still new and growing technology which provide better privacy and security then normal VPNs as dVPN nodes are hosted by users like you over companies which may use for your data for marketing purposes, experts says dVPN is like VPN over TOR so that you will get fast internet speed and security at the same time.

Note : In my opinion, Exidio is not more secure then TOR but definitely better then VPN for sure, the reason is the node you connect on Exidio dVPN will become the exit node which law enforcements can abuse to monitor you, Exidio doesn't use numerous nodes to transfer traffic so determining the original traffic source is pretty easy and simple.

So, I didn't like this and went on to Sentinel support and suggested the Exidio Team to make Exidio app users to select upto 100  nodes of thier choice and make app in a way that once user connected to a node it will automatically jump to different node at random intervals, so that it will offer better decentrailised experience for privacy and security, and within 10 minutes I got reply from Exidio platform co-founder and CEO Dan Edlebeck stating that personally he really like my suggestion and they'll will look into feasibility of implementing such feature, isn't this amazing?

There are two best and we'll known DeFi platforms available out there on internet to stake Sentinel dVPN tokens, there are Kepler and Cosmostation you can choose anyone, so do you like it? are you interested in Sentinel dVPN staking? If yes let's know little more info before we explore more.

• Kepler official support •

Website :

• How to download Kepler •

It is very easy to download Kepler from these platforms for free.

• Cosmostation official support •

Website :

• How to download Cosmostation •

It is very easy to download Cosmostation from these platforms for free.

• Exidio dVPN official support •

Website :

It is very easy to download Exidio dVPN from these platforms for free.

Remember, You can't buy Sentinel dVPN tokens like regular NFT tokens, there is different procedure which you have to use to get Sentinel dVPN tokens, we recently written an article on Exidio VPN over there you will find best and correct method to buy Sentinel dVPN tokens, and send tokens to Kepler and Cosmostation, so check that before you follow any steps given below else as if you do anything wrong then all your funds may get lost, let's get started.

• How to stake Sentinel dVPN tokens using Kepler •

- If you want to receive dVPN tokens to Kepler, you have to tap on Withdraw in osmosis and once, you received Sentinel dVPN tokens on Kepler wallet then tap on Stake

- Select Sentinel dVPN

- For high returns tap on Max, else specify number then select low or average and tap on Stake

Woohoo, you successfully staking Sentinel dVPN tokens using Kepler.

• How to stake Sentinel dVPN tokens using Cosmostation •

- If you want to receive dVPN tokens to Cosmostation you have to tap on Deposit in osmosis and once received Sentinel dVPN tokens on your Sentinel wallet on Cosmostation.

- Tap on Delegate

- Tap on Sentinel dVPN

- Enter delegation amount, and tap on Next then tap on Stake.

That's it, you successfully staking Sentinel dVPN tokens using Cosmostation.

Atlast, this are just highlighted features of Exidio dVPN, , Kepler wallet, Cosmostation and osmosis, there are many hidden features in-build that give the ultimate usage experience which you have to explore based on requirements to get external benefits.

Overall, Cosmostation and Kepler is simple but has bugs while both apps have to add more features to improve user interface so much as of now they look pretty basic and don't look modern but Exidio dVPN looks amazing and we didn't found any bugs that ensures user-friendly experience.

Moreover, it is definitely worth to mention if you're unable to stake Sentinel dVPN tokens using Kepler or Cosmostation then contact support or use desktop version of this platforms, yes indeed and incase if you're searching for a way to stake sentinel dVPN tokens then this DeFi platforms has potential to become your new favorite choice.

Finally, this is how you can stake Sentinel dVPN tokens using Kepler and Cosmostation? are you an existing user of this DeFi platforms? have you used this platforms to stake Sentinel dVPN tokens? do you know any other DeFi platforms to stake Sentinel dVPN tokens? If yes do mention and say us is this staking method worked for you or not? in our comment section below, see ya :)